Monday, February 20, 2012

A cuckold video worth caging for..........

Here's a short (1:14 minutes) video clip from my friends at

i got so immediately rock hard when i first viewed it that i naturally took another look. After about 4 tries i timed my orgasm with Hers. i like everything about this video, and my orgasm was very, very powerful. Yes, a short video, but an unknown caging period for me now. Orgasms like that one should probably be reserved for Mistress Cassie.

If Mistress is reading, She may playfully, laughingly, punishingly tell me how many hours i will be imprisoned. And, if She's 'in the mood' it could be quite a while. And maybe it should be. i feel oddly if i should be paying a visit Mistress Cassie's sissy confessional.

sissy maid diane


  1. sissy maid- Great finds on these videos! I can see why you like this one... She really is enthusiastic about getting her pussy fucked and cumming!! :) Nice job on the repeat viewings, and timing it JUST RIGHT!

  2. Hi sara,

    Yes, She's enthusiastic - i think because of the sissy audience. The timing did take some doing, but it was great!