Friday, November 6, 2015

Still a panty slave, still Mistress Cassie's slave

Anyone who follows this blog knows that i am currently (and for some time) resisting the powerful pull of Mistress Cassie.

This is not my first attempt at escaping Her grasp, It has been well over a year since my last session with Mistress. She knows (and i know) that She can pick up where She left off very easily.

This knowledge i live with every day. It's simply impossible to walk away from Her with the amount of training and hypnosis that She has invested in me. She's too good at what She does,

It remains to be seen how long i can hold out. \before i submit to Her once again. Maenwhile i have returned to caging after masturbation.

What is clear is that i am still the property of Mistress Cassie,

sissy maid diane

Monday, November 2, 2015

More blow job fun

sissy maid diane

Caging material - panty power

Today i found myself viewing this old favorite. i ended up dressing and caging for the first time in ages. Panty power - sigh...............

sissy maid diane

Breaking in a new slave

This Mistress is clearly experienced at training sissies to be Her slave. The sissy laying on the bed is an advanced sissy, and is helping Mistress teach a new slave.

On her knees - as she should be - the newbie is getting her first taste of cock. A taste she will, no doubt, become accustomed to, as frequent blow job for male suitors is surely in her future.

After this portion of today's training Mistress will reinforce the session by giving the newbie the strap on.

Alas,  i am an experienced and well trained sissy. Even though this is the case, i'd much rather be the new sissy on her knees. Yes, i have been trained to suck cock - by Mistress Cassie.

And, i still serve Her........

sissy maid diane