Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The sissy's gift of a lifetime - from Mistress Cassie's High School graduation

Well, i've ordered a couple of things on line recently. Very recently. They will be on display soon enough, but it's much too soon for their arrival. So, i was a little puzzled to have a package waiting for me when i got home tonight.

When i saw the return address, i knew immediately it was something special. Something not available on line from any store. It was a gift from my amazing Mistress, Mistress Cassie.

At first i thought it might be curtains, as i excitedly opened it. Once freed form the packaging, i realized it was a gown, a dress, a garment so personal, so endearing that i was simply stunned. It sent my mind spinning. Then i remembered a conversation with Mistress weeks a go, during a phone session. She was telling me about Her high school graduation dress, which She believed was in Her attic. She 'threatened' me with locating it and sending it to me. i was in the cage very shortly after She shared that nugget. Just that thought.............

Well, now it's a reality. This is the second time that Mistress has sent me one of Her belongings. She sent me a lovely purse a couple of years ago (pictured here).

It is just one of the many things that sets Her apart from all others. Yes, Mistress Cassie is a professional sissy Trainer. She is one of countless thousands that offer sissy training for pay. It is Her profession. But trust me, She is one in a million. How many on line Mistresses would send a sissy something like this? (Get back to me on that question and good luck - you'll need it.)

The dress is the one, the only one, She wore for Her High School Graduation. It's irreplaceable, priceless, one of a kind, a part of Her personal history. Mistress has entrusted me with the future care & love of this dress. It will signify my own graduation. The hand written note that came from Her in the package is something i may share a portion of to give it some historical perspective. Pictured here is the outside of the card, which reads - "To Imagine is Everything". This gift transcends even my vivid imagination.

Like the dress, the note itself is something that i'll always cherish. Unless Mistress tells me otherwise, the inside, written potion of the note itself will not be photographed and will remain unpublished in full. It is personal, between The Mistress and Her adoring sissy.

When She first tarted training me 3 1/2 years ago, i was a cross dresser and a day dreamer. Dreaming of Dominant Women and dreaming of feminization, especially forced feminization. Mistress Cassie has slowly and very surely feminized me to the point of no return. She has shown me the wonder of all that is Female, and done it in way that i wouldn't characterize as forceful overall. Yes, She flexes Her Domination muscles from time to time as necessary. i have spent countless hours caged and sucking on a dildo. A very uncomfortable part of my femming.

And, on occaision She has even punished me. Thankfully, not lately. Her punishments are not sexy or something a sissy fantasizes about. Her punishments are meant to keep the sissy in line and on track. They are a reminder of Who is in charge. sissies love that word - punishment. i see it in search key words on my blog. i've read about it & dreamed of it, even longed for it. It's what sissies do. What a lot of on line for pay Mistresses do is take the easy money road. They hand out popular, sexy punishments.

The sissy is satisfied, all parties are happy. In the case where the sissy must share the punishment, even onlookers are happy. Here we have a Mistress that defies convention. In a way, this dress is mentally punishing to me. If my mind wanders these days, it's about not being feiminized. This feminine, soft, pretty dress crushes those kind of day dreams. Mistress Cassie feminizes from the inside out. She has taken me far, far down the femming road. To the point where i wonder how much more road is left.

Well, today i realize that She is capable of creating a new sissy highway instantaneously. Just putting this dress on took me to a new, different, wondrous place. A more gurly place, a wonderful place indeed. i want to dress up tonight and post, but this is far too special. Tonight, i'll try to recover from the implications of this new addition to my sissy wardrobe. Just like that - Mistress has drawn me even closer to Her now.

The dress is full length (happily i own a long crinoline petticoat) and needs altering. i'm just giving a hint of it's pretty, ultra femme design tonight. This amazing dress will now be the subject of my sewing assignment. But i know it will lead to much more than that. i can feel it coming & Mistress will fill in the blanks in Her own way and in Her own good time. This dress deserves my full attention, a complete & proper dress up & post. It's not a week night project. Any plans i had for this weekend are altered now, just like the dress will be so that i can fit into it. It 's to be my graduation dress as well, graduating to the next level of femming at the hands of the incomparable Mistress Cassie.

There will be much more to come on this subject. Right now, i am still reeling.............

sissy maid diane

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Surviving the earth quake and the hurricane - it's sissy laundry day

Well, it's been a memorable week, weather wise here. First a rare earthquake for this region, then hurricane Irene struck. My goodness, Mother Nature is a powerful and unpredictable Force indeed. Sort of reminds me of Mistress Cassie.  :o)

So, i've got some yard clean up to do, but no real big damage to report.

i can't let a little weather stop me from my Sunday laundry. While most of my things were done in the washing machine, i did hand wash a special pair of panties and my white slip.

i think i'll find some time to learn the sewing machine later today, but the sewing assignment itself may be delayed. But for today, my pretty new 'Property of Mistress Cassie' panties are nice & clean.

sissy maid diane

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pink sissy panties, the penis gag search and a new sewing machine

Well, it"s Thursday, pink panty day for Mistress Cassie's sissies. Yes, it's pink panty day and Mistress wanted me to wear my newest pink panties today. What Mistress wants, Mistress gets. Another reminder of my position as Her sissy, Her property. Oops, i seem to have a wet spot on my panties. Oh, my!

Then there's the penis gag. During my session with Mistress Cassie late Saturday evening, the subject of my first 'cuckold sissy' assignment came up. i spent 200 minutes sucking on my big dildo over a recent weekend while caged. Mistress pointed out that She could have had me adorn a penis gag. An innocent enough observation, and of course i did a little browsing. i haven't bought anything, just looking. But, i do have 'a thing' for locks.   :o)

Locking Penis Pump Gag

This Inflatable Gag Has A Penis Too!

This is a staff favorite. Our inflatable penis pump gag does it all! It provides locking security, fills the mouth with attached rubber penis and can be inflated to really push your limits. High quality latex rubber construction and versatility give this gag two thumbs up. Note that the cord is not detachable.

Then there are those nagging the sissy challenges. Mistress Cassie's Challenge number five is a sissy sewing assignment. i will be completing challenge number 4 as well, but i'm going out of order for a reason. i'll be sewing, then dancing. Maybe i'll be doing alterations on something i'll be dancing in, so i'll do #5 then #4. Anyway, until today's UPS shipment arrived i had never owned a sewing machine, much less used one. But it looks like that will be changing soon enough.

Oh, yes, there's no doubt about it now. my pretty new panties have a real big wet spot, and it's growing.

sissy maid diane

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Forced to be a sissy maid

Now this is what i call artwork. Sometimes a drawing can be as good or better than porn,capturing a perfect scenario, and this is perfect. Here The Mistress feminizes Her sissy with the Maid's assistance. The sissy's maid's dress is hanging, in waiting as the make up is applied by the two Women. Soon, the sissy will take her rightful place as the sissy maid, serving Them both.

i love the details, including the stockings all T/three are wearing high heels and stockings, and the perfect shape of the two women's legs. And oh, the facial expressions! The sissy nervously glancing back at what appears to be a Female servant (not for long) impatient to get the sissy into her new role, and of course the smiling Mistress. Happy that this overdue role reversal is taking place. No Woman should play a serving role, that's strictly for sissies!. Then, there's the book, titled appropriately - 'The Feminine Mystique'.

Oh, my goodness!

sissy maid diane

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mistress Cassie's sissy scavenger hunt Challenge #3 - It's sissy baking day!

Here's my submission for Mistress Cassie's 3rd sissy.challenge. It's baking day for sissy diane. After all of these years, it's my first attempt at baking. It couldn't possibly me appropriate that it's for my Mistress. And, i must say that they turned out pretty well for a first timer. Yummy. i picked fudge brownies because Mistress likes chocolate.

Today is also sissy  laundry day, so i wore some more sensible 3" high heels rather than my usual 5" plus high high heels. Lots of sissy chores today.  :o)

But the baking is the best part of today's sissy maid chores. And, naturally i am in my sissy maid uniform for the day. It's also white panty day on Mistress Cassie's panty schedule, so i found a pair of white ruflled panties to wear.

There are many more challenges/ assignments on Mistress' blog. A sissy's training never ends. And neither does my devotion to Mistress and my desire to please Her.

The chocolate fudge brownies turned out pretty wee. i didn't have anyone to serve them to, but i'll take some to work tomorrow, wearing my Monday purple panties.

Maybe next time, i'll have a boy here to cook for. :o)

But for today, it's all for Mistress Cassie.. There will be much more to come as i try to stay up with the challenges.

i did notice that i need some pretty kitchen things, like oven mitts. More shopping to do.

Also, a had a long phone session with Mistress Cassie late last night, after the sissy panty post. A lot of ground was covered, including the challenges, cuckolding, a new assignment fro a September return to the nail salon and She played a cook cage game.

She assigned 4 times, 3, 8 13 and 20 hours on slips of paper numbered from 1-4 and shuffled them. I chose the # 3 and won. Only 3 hours caged! There was a Mistress caveat though. If i didn't wake up 3 hours after the caging began, i had to add the wake up time in hours to time already served.

Naturally i didn't wake up at 3:30 a.m. this morning, but rather 8:30. So, i had 8 hours caged instead of 3.hours. Then i was compelled to add 8 1/2 hours to that. So, the 3 hours turned into 16.5 hours. Mistress wins the game, as always.  :o)

Ultimately, She'll win the sissy challenge as well. There is no limit to Her imagination, or the challenges that She can come up with. And the deep feminization continues.........

sissy maid diane

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mistress Cassie's sissy scavenger hunt Challenge #2 - the sissy panties

Well, here it is one week after receiving Mistress Cassie's 2nd challenge. i ordered these sissy panties.

Listed by Mistress Cassie as her favorite choice it was an obvious place for me to start my search. What a great place to buy specialty panties! There are so many panty choices and the Customer Service is wonderful. Shortly after placing my order i received this e-mail:

Re: New Order

Saturday, August 13, 2011 9:19 PM
View contact details

Thank you for your order
You selected EML2, Did you want the design on it also or just the words Property of Mistress Cassie
Thank you
Customer Service

Oh, my!

So, i politely responded with:

Re: New Order
Saturday, August 13, 2011 9:23 PM
Add sender to Contacts
"" <>

Hello Susan,
i just want the words Property of Mistress Cassie, please.
Thank You,
sissy diane

This was late last Saturday night. Then after an automated order process, these wonderful panties were embroidered, shipped and came to my house on Thursday. i was amazed, as it frequently takes longer than that to get 'regular' lingerie. Nothing regular about these panties.

i already own two blue pairs of embroidered sissy panties and they are 'i am owned by Mistress Cassie' panties. Blue is so sweet, but i knew pink would be the choice for these panties, and for this challenge.

So here i am all dressed in pink, happily wearing my panties, and will shortly be on the phone with Mistress, getting a Mistress Cassie session. A proper ending to this challenge. Tomorrow, i will be baking for Mistress Cassie's challenge #3.

But for tonight i am proudly celebrating the fact that i am definitely the Property of Mistress Cassie

sissy maid diane

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mistress Cassie's sissy scavenger hunt - update

No, these aren't my new embroidered sissy panties. These are 2 pairs of blue embroidered sissy panties i've owned for some time now. They are so special to me. i don't wear them often i don't want to wear them out. It's more like i cherish these panties.

So, what's the relevance today? Well, Mistress Cassie's sissy scavenger hunt is up to 3 assignments now. The first one, the cummy heels - i'm happy to report is complete and i have been awarded full points by Mistress. Thank You, Mistress :o)

The other 2 assignments or should i say, challenges:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Challenge 2: Personalized Sissy Panties - Sissy Quest Challenge Hunt

sissy tammy asked Me about getting personalized panties, (she loves the one sissy maid diane is wearing in the header of her blog here)

Personalized Sissy Panties is such a good idea that I started a quick online search to see what was already available. This is what I found so far.

Hanky Panky It looks like rhinestones!

Custom Panties I like the "Property of " section the best.

University Fashions Lots of options for text, colours, font etc, in my favourite, Embroidery.

Custom Glam Girl hmm, glam sissy?

Manties This is My choice of customized sissy panties. Have fun shopping sissy gurls.

So, now that all you silly pantie wearing sissy gurls are all excited about new panties, I can give you a hint about what the next Challenge is, in the Sissy Quest Scavenger Hunt.

HINT: Personalized sissy panties.

5 points for a picture of you in Property of Mistress Cassie panties. Plus 5 points bonus if you are one of my callers.

5 points for a picture of you in sissy panties with your name on them.

Half points for a picture of you in any panties.

Have fun sissy girls.

Mistress Cassie

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Challenge 3: Sissy Baking - Sissy Quest Challenge Hunt

I am so glad to see so many sissies taking up the challenges. Don't forget, you can do them in any order, all of them, or just a few...

I also like My sissies to submit ideas for future challenges.

A couple of my gurls, julia and gina specifically, like to cook, an excellent way to please the Mistress, as well as My friends.

This challenge is to bake a sweet treat. Cake, Cookies, Pies, anything sweet like a sissy should be.

Full points for pictures of the baking event, and the resulting yummies. Bonus points for pictures of the sissy serving up the yummies. (sissies should be very good at serving!)

Mistress Cassie 

So, i had a pleasant surprise waiting in my mail box today. Delivered much faster than expected i have a new pair of sissy panties which will be on display this weekend. Yes, they are 'personalized'.

i was already planning on doing some baking this weekend, even though it is summer and very hot. Since i've never baked anything. it will represent quite challenging indeed. But when i think about it, it is overdue and absolutely appropriate for a sissy maid to learn to bake. It will not be difficult to choose what i'll be wearing for that occasion. i've also had fleeting thoughts about what sweet baked goods Blaze might like. :o)

The new panty challenge shoot won't be difficult at all.

The difficulty tonight was not doing a dress up shoot. i am very excited about these new panties, for reasons that i’ll go into this weekend - when they are on display in my sissy panty challenge shoot for Mistress. I simply want to do these new panties justice, and the weekend is the time for that. i’ll need freshly shaved legs, new nail polish, well, all of it! Yes, my new embroidered sissy panties will be on display – and so will i. 

After all, i am the property of Mistress Cassie.

sissy maid diane