Monday, October 31, 2011

A Happy Halloween sissy caption

Well, it's Halloween evening and i'm just getting home from work. No going out femme for me tonight. Bad sissy. i'm alone at home, just me and my cage.

But here's a Halloween greeting and captions. Isn't She bewitching? And yes, i've been masturbating a lot the last couple of days. But i've spent the rest of the time in the cage. Trick or treat indeed!

Happy Halloween!

sissy maid diane

Starting the day caged

Here i go - again. This is Erica, another Beauty that has me in a frenzy. i guess i'm in a frenzy period. Her pictures made me cum and cage yesterday, and i slept caged. Then, i woke up, took the cage off (briefly) and took another look. So, i'll start the work week caged.


sissy maid diane

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Caging & paying the price

i saw, i masturbated, i caged. Then i decided to write captions about it. And now it's bedtime. Time for my nightie, my bra and panties and my cage.

Another day in the life of a sissy.

sissy maid diane

When a sissy is suckled at Mistress Breast'

When a Mistress first starts the feminizing process with a sissy, the relationship is in it's 'infancy'. First, the Mistress nurtures the sissy, and will draw the sissy to Her breast (either for real or figuratively). The sissy bonds with the Mistress and a high level of trust and need is established.

From there, the Mistress can use that bond to direct the sissy elsewhere for new, additional sources of nourishment.

sissy maid diane

Tease and denial - and Female Domination captions

sissies are subject to a number of approaches when being feminized by a Dominant Mistress. Subtle tease and denial, hypnosis, bonding by nurturing trust, and flat out blunt force are a few of the many approaches that the Mistress has at Her disposal.

Here's a couple of captions illustrating two (of many) approaches,

sissy maid diane

The games Mistress plays with sissy

i have written much about sissy games, most notably the sissy picture game. A game i play a lot - and lose at a lot. But Mistress Cassie also plays games. While training Her sissies is serious business, Mistress does play games. Sometimes at the end of a phone session She will have me pick a number. She might have 4 numbers is mind, say 1, 3,6 & 8. She has written down a number of hours i am to be caged by each number.

As an example:

1 =  8 hours
3 = 2 hours
6 = 48 hours
8 = 12 hours

i pick a number, knowing that i could be caged anywhere between 2 and 48 hours. She is playing with me while i agonize over which number equals what. Mistress is having fun playing games with Her sissy.

Back in August, Mistress Cassie started a new game on Her blog:

The sissy quest and scavenger hunt. i have participated with 4 posts and have been awarded points accordingly. Yet, there has been no apparent interest from Mistress in the game for almost a month now. Of course, this is the beauty of Her position. Perhaps She has tired of it, or maybe She wants sissies like me to obsess about it, to wonder what's She's doing.

It has a twofold effect when Mistress plays a game like this. One, it excites the sissy to participate and try to please Mistress by completing as many of the challenges as possible. It is a quest for the sissy. Then, secondly when Mistress ignores it for weeks at a time, the sissy is left wondering what's going on. Is the game over, or just on hold. It affects the sissy both ways. That's the beauty of the games Mistress plays. Her rules, and only She knows the real intent. But it gets results, and it another way that She feminizes and exercises Her control.

There are interesting differences between the games sissies play and the games that Mistress Plays. i play the picture game and have some element of control over the out come and when i play. i emphasize some because the playing usually leads to another bit of femming as i frequently lose.

When Mistress plays a game, it's unpredictable where it will go and what the time line will be. She can change the rules on a whim. The sissy is left in limbo. i have a pink fuzzy sweater that is worth 10 points in Her game if i dress up and post with pictures. i think about, i obsess really. What's going on?

She could easily say "Where's the sweater shoot sissy? It's overdue and as such you risk punishment caging. Remember I am holding the only key to your best lock, and not playing the game is disobedience".

She might not say or do anything at all, leaving me and the other sissies in Her stable hanging. Wondering........

Ah, the games Mistress plays............deadly.

sissy maid diane

A Mistress and Her sissy - a caption series

A series of self explanatory captions.

sissy maid diane

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Revisiting a special femmy caption

i was looking back at some of my own (archived) pictures and captions this morning and came across this one. i think it captures the essence of femininity. Not only in the way The Modal poses and what She's wearing, but the feeling i've come to embrace while being feminized.

The silky feel of lingerie over my freshly shaved body, the wafting scent of my own perfume, the make up, the nails. It's all experiencing what the Female Mystique is all about. When i dress, i lose myself in a wondrous world of all that is gurl. And i have Mistress Cassie to thank for that!

sissy maid diane

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Upskirts for sissies

i've posted about my young, impressionable days. Days when my dawning puberty clashed with the occasional, compelling up skirt peek provided by my Female schoolmates. An undeniable influence on my path towards cross dressing.

All these years later, my cross dressing has led down a path to Mistress Cassie. Cross dressing became feminization. While i still love looking at (and wearing) panties, i cannot deny that when i came across this image my femming made this appealing to me. So, i captioned my feelings.

Like so many things, my views have changed. Viewing an up skirt with a surprise package, is well stimulating. The lovely, flat panty gusset that a Woman presents for viewing is still jaw dropping. A wondrous and inviting sight.

Alas, now feminized and controlled by Mistress, this up skirt is equally appealing.

sissy maid diane

Saturday, October 22, 2011

a sissy cuckold caption

Another lovely cap from i am mesmerized by this Model's breasts. They are absolute perfection.

The message is another matter. That last sentence "Now sit there quietly, not another word" is compelling stuff. Yes, i would do just that under the pictured circumstances. But the sissy mind would be anything but quiet.

Mistress has told me that being a cuckold is very difficult, very hard for the sissy to endure. Maybe that's why She hasn'r given me more cuckold training. Maybe, like the cage, i won't have to endure a lot if it if i Obey Her. So, i do my best to be a good sissy.

No cuckold training yet this week, but this image has made me dress up, cum and cage. Yes, i am caged again. Hmmmmm, maybe i did get a little training after all.

sissy maid diane

Monday, October 17, 2011

sissy caption - learning patience

Well, just look at Her. What sissy wouldn't wait in line? A little patience can pay dividends! :o)

sissy maid diane

Saturday, October 15, 2011

i'm in the bra club!

i love getting diane mail. Today two fun things came in the mail. One is a sweater, which i'll be posting about later. The other was a pretty pink offer from - The Bra Club! i have been buying bras lately to match my 'c' cup breast forms and to color match my panty schedule. i guess the frequent shopping has it's rewards.

Yes, it is fun being a trained sissy gurl!

sissy maid diane

Friday, October 14, 2011

sissy wedding captions

Weddings are such a beautiful event. There are so many wedding night scenarios. Like the one above, for instance. A 'traditional' wedding night. The hungry husband prepares to enjoy his new Wife.

In other unions, the Wife assumes a more aggressive role on their wedding night. Here the Wife pleasures Her new husband, but from a top position. She's letting him feel Her sex and also Her power.

Then, there's the sissy wedding night. Oh, my goodness!

sissy maid diane

Another sissy caption - When a sissy surrenders sexually 100%

Here's another caption from that hits home. No, i do not want to be in the cage at all times. In fact, i obey Mistress to avoid long term caging, to avoid using my 'best lock' that only She has the key to.

The cage has been instrumental in my femme training for sure, and my interest is always piqued at the mention in caps like this one. But it's the last statement "Starting today, I want to own you sexually100%" that really got my attention.

That's where Mistress has me now. She owns me sexually 100%. The last session with Mistress culminated with a discussion about chatting boys on line. One in particular, that i'll call 'K'. Mistress knows about K, knows that He wants my mouth. Mistress had me tell K that he is now on Her radar. i have done so, and He is very excited to see what cums next. Unlike most of the boys i chat with K is not threatened by Mistress. In fact, He wants to be a part of my training - Her training of me.

Mistress knows, K knows, i know that this will not be the end of this chapter. Once again, i have obeyed Mistress Cassie. She will make the next move, maybe in O/our next (soon to come) session, maybe a month from now - whenever. Whenever She wants wants & however She wants. That's the way it is for a sissy who's sexuality is owned - 100% - by a Mistress, in this case Mistress Cassie..

sissy maid diane

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

sissy submission captions - it's all about Mistress

Being feminized is serious business. It's life altering. Sometimes my mind wanders, it can be great fun at times and at other times very difficult.

Some days i don't really want to be a gurl. It's a lot of trouble, and well, it can be troubling. i am increasingly a gurl trapped in a boys body. The shaved smooth skin, the painted nails and the constant presence of panties remind me that constantly that i am deep into an inescapable femmy trap. A silky, pretty trap set expertly by Mistress Cassie. Even on those bad days, i'm so far gone now that i can't imagine not wearing panties. i need them, just like i need Mistress.

Two of the questions that Mistress asked me in O/our last  phone session:

"Do you need your Mistress"?
"Always, forever?

The honest answer to both questions - yes, Mistress!

So, tonight i'm having a little fun with captions. Yes, my mind does wander at times. i dream of such encounters as pictured. i am pouty and reluctant at times. i wonder why i can't return to my pre Mistress life. i wonder why (most of the time) i really don't want to.....

The world can be a hard cruel place. Yes, the allure of the soft pretty feminine world is strong indeed. But nothing is stronger than the Control a Mistress has over a well trained sissy.

i do my best to please Mistress. She has many ways of keeping me on the feminization path, many ways to keep my mind on pleasing Her. i like Her subtle, patient, pleasing approach to leading me to embrace my femming. i try to avoid the less subtle and pleasing choices that She has at Her disposal. Like the sissy pictured above learned the hard way, i think that compliant submission is the way to go.

Either way, Mistress knows best....

sissy maid diane

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The sissy Princess dress

After the alterations, wearing the dress from Mistress Cassie, Her dress was a sissy dream come true. During a session afterwards with Mistress, She likened it to me being Her Princess. In fact, Mistress wants me to get a tiara to adorn next time i wear the dress. And there will be a next time.

During the session, Mistress decided that i've been such a good sissy gurl, that i wouldn't be required to put my best lock on the cock cage. The one that She has the only key to. that lock, that key will only be used for punishment. As long as i 'Listen and obey" Mistress, i can avoid the (very) long term caging that would result in that lock being used.

So, i will listen & obey, and continue down the feminization path that Mistress has me follow. Most of the session's message was centered on Her lover's (Blaze) cock, cuckolding & sucking other cocks. i'm sure there will be more to come on that subject.

But for today, it was really all about the dress, which madde me feel more like a gurl than ever. Mistress Cassie's sissy gurl for sure.

sissy maid diane.