Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cock cage overload

Well, i am suffering (once again) from cock cage overload. And this is (once again) without a word from Mistress. In fact, the last time She weighed in on the cage, She actually made me put it in the freezer.

For some reason, i took it out and ever since i've been building up to another caging frenzy. It reached a zenith this past week when i caged for 139.5 hours between Lat Monday afternoon and right now. That's basically 6 days locked up with hardly a break.

It started after dressing last Sunday and getting stood up. Then i took solace in the company of videos featuring Brandi. At the same time i was conversing with a male Dominant who is very interested in meeting me (and my mouth). The rest of that story is yet to be written.

But things like that are apt to happen when i'm caged for long periods. The cage tends to take control in more ways than one. So, today i'm putting it back in the freezer. i need to go back to what Mistress had me do and follow Her lead from there.

Unless and until She says otherwise, i will NOT be caging after masturbation, and the cage can stay on ice. i am going to see if i can break free of the 'call of the cage'.

We'll see.

sissy maid diane 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Stuck on Brandi and stuck in the cage

Well, my infatuation withe Brandi has become something a little more serious. i'm obsessed with Her. The more i search the archives of my favorite website(s), the more video clips of Brandi i come across.

The expected delivery of the 'fleshlight' didn't come yesterday (on back order) and i remained caged - for a total of over 65 hours this time - until just a few minutes ago. But i couldn't resist Brandi. i couldn't resist watching another clip of Her. This one involves a cage, and gives a delightful look at Her ample breasts.

And once again, i am caged. For all of maybe 10 minutes i was free. i have been enamored with numerous Women before, but not quite like this. i think the video part of it is significant, because i can see Her and hear Her voice. And that luscious

Whatever the reason(s) Brandi has basically become my cage Queen. And that's exactly where She has me again.

sissy maid diane

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A visit to Mistress Cassie's sissy confessional

i've been to Mistress Cassie's sissy confessional before. It can be a scary place for a sissy. The last time it was to confess that i had been negligent in my sissy grooming (shaving). On that occasion Mistress generously gave me a couple of days to rectify the situation. However, Her frightening warning was that if i didn't get cleaned up 'there would be dire consequences'.

i have no interest in facing dire consequences from Mistress Cassie. i promptly shaved.

This visit to the confessional is a little different and almost preemptive in nature. It's about three recent video posts (including this one) and what's going on in my head. And it's about something i bought yesterday and where that's leading.

Let's start with the video's. In this 3rd installment stars my new favorite porn Figure who is nameless until now. I'll call Her Brandi, just so She has a name. In the first two video's she was the Star, cuckolding Her husband. i, of course, envisioned myself as the husband and had two powerful orgasms enjoying the vids.

Now Mistress has stated before that other Women in porn, whether it be pictures or video, actually play a role in my feminization that She is okay with. Women like Brandi are essentially soldiers in Mistress Cassie's feminization Army. She's also referred to Them a s part of Her feminization heirarchy.

There have been numerous Model's and Women along the way, Monica, Tori, The Ex just to name a few that i have been obsessed with to some dgree or other. And Mistress has been okay with all of Them. Most of them were pictures that also came in to play with my 'picture game.'

The fact is that video's don't nornally enter into my interest in porn, or my femming. So, that's one difference here with Brandi. Another is the purchase. i have purchased many femme articles as a result of playing the picture game, and many items were connected directly to a given Model.

That has happened here. In this video of Brandi & a Friend, they are using a 'Fleshlight' to tease Their helpless male subject.

i had already masturbated and caged to a Brandi cuckold video last night begfore i viewed this work of art from

So, sitting at my computer, already caged, i ordered a Fleshlight.  i ordered it with a rush deliver & delivery is expected tomorrow. The expectation when it arrives is that i'll be viewing this video again and will be popping a load into my new toy. Of course i'll cage again.

So, why the trip to the confessional?

Well, first of all, Mistress knows that i'm temporarily a little strapped for cash and as a result haven't had a phone session with Her since 1-13-12. And now, this purchase, which was about $109.00 w/ lubricant & rush delivery. That's quite a bit of phone training that i could have had.

Secondly, i wonder what Her opinion is of this series of three Brandi videos - which looks like will lead to me cumming into a 'plastic Pussy'. i will without question regard that 'Pussy'  as Brandi's.

Now, it could well be that Mistress has no problem with any of this. But, to be on the safe side i am disclosing all of the details of this latest diane escapade.

If Mistress doesn't intercede, i expect to have a fun 'fleshlight' post tomorrow evening.

sissy maid diane

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More sissy infatuation with a video Goddess and more cage time....

Here's another 38 seconds of trouble from

And another big time sissy orgasm. i'm becoming quite a fan of this Lass. It was just yesterday i caged for Her for 28.5 hours. After 1 hour 15 minutes free i found this clip and She's caged me again.

Yes, 37 seconds = ? hours caged. We'll see what tomorrow brings....

sissy maid diane

Monday, February 20, 2012

A cuckold video worth caging for..........

Here's a short (1:14 minutes) video clip from my friends at

i got so immediately rock hard when i first viewed it that i naturally took another look. After about 4 tries i timed my orgasm with Hers. i like everything about this video, and my orgasm was very, very powerful. Yes, a short video, but an unknown caging period for me now. Orgasms like that one should probably be reserved for Mistress Cassie.

If Mistress is reading, She may playfully, laughingly, punishingly tell me how many hours i will be imprisoned. And, if She's 'in the mood' it could be quite a while. And maybe it should be. i feel oddly if i should be paying a visit Mistress Cassie's sissy confessional.

sissy maid diane

Sunday, February 19, 2012

a sissy stood up

Well, i was expecting to have a surprise today. A surprise post about having a visitor over. The 'visitor' is now over 3 hours late, so i'm beginning to get that stood up feeling.

Oh well, i've also got that dressed up feeling. Here's a few photo's of what i 'm wearing, which includes my fav blouse, bra and skirt.

The blouse is filmy, almost see through. The bra is black. i like that look of being able to see the bra. i wonder if my visitor would have liked it.

No telling.....

sissy maid diane

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine Day Tribute to my Mistress Cassie

"When love is not madness, it is not love." - Pedro Calderon de la Barca

i love this line by Spanish poet Pedro Calderon de la Barca. There is no human emotion that can compare to love. There is a certain divine madness to it, and there is often a catapulting of all that might be considered common sense when loves strikes. It is a very difficult emotion to define, despite the millions of volumes written about it.

And i am madly in love.

Forget for a minute about the madness of falling so hard for an Internet Mistress (not to mention the risk of admitting this fact). Many would characterize that as folly and foolish. But i don't care about that opinion. my real feelings of love for my Mistress, Mistress Cassie, transcends the obvious limitations of phone and Internet contact.

It doesn't matter that i'll never meet Her in person. It doesn't matter that She feminizes sissies and makes Her living largely through phone sex. In fact, She is at the very top of Her profession. People have opinions about everything, and many would not consider a Phone Sex Goddess as representative of a worthy profession.

i believe that opinion to be folly and foolish. This Goddess exercises Her craft with a graceful aplomb that defines professionalism. i admire anyone who is good enough to rise to the top of their field. Mistress Cassie is best of class. And not just in Her profession, but as a Woman. Oh, yes - what a Woman!!
And my point today is that i not only admire Mistress Cassie - alas, i do love Her so. O/our relationship is nearing the 4 year mark and it has been a remarkable journey. Today i pay this loving tribute to Her as my way of thanking Her for bringing diane out of hiding. She has taught me to feel feminine inside and out. i have finally embraced my femininity as i have embraced Her.

Here was my e-mail to Mistress on Sunday:
Hello Mistress,
As St. Valentine's Day approaches, i thought that i would offer You a blog post that pays homage to You and to my affection for You. i will be dressing up for a picture post.
In addition to this 'V-Day post for Mistress Cassie' i also wanted to give You the opportunity to choose the theme of my attire - if it pleases You to do so. :"> blushing
For now,
Affectionately Yours,

Here is Her response:

Ahh, Valentine's day...

The theme I choose is RED Seduction...... Red, satin and lace, pretty, romantic........

This will be fun, I can't wait to see how you interpret RED Seduction.

Thank you diane, this is lovely!

Mistress Cassie

Well, there you have it. She is thanking me in advance. And here is my best effort to please Her on V-Day. i started early, too excited to sleep in. i took special effort in my make up and dress and in the picture taking. i have never felt prettier or more feminine. i hope these pictures do justice to the gurl i have become under Mistress Cassie's sublime tutelage.

i want my Mistress to be as proud of me as i am of Her.

Happy St. Valentine's Day, Mistress Cassie. From Your sissy -

sissy maid diane

Happy Valentine's Day - to my reader's

Today is the traditional day of expressing special love, Valentine's Day. For all of my readers i sincerely wish you a wonderful day, filled with love.

Later today i will be posting a Valentine wish for a special love in my life.

sissy maid diane

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tag Team Domination

My goodness! These two Female Dominants certainly know how to control Their sissies.

sissy maid diane

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ruffle report - frilly ruffly pink trimmed sissy panties

These super frill panties are from

Yummy, superior made to order sissy panties. i just love them! It's been a while since i've dressed and tonight i shaved, applied new polish to all 20 nails and ended up in my new auburn curls - which i also love.

The white panties with pink trim brought to mind a similar petticoat - and yes, i'm wearing that as well. Yes, it was fun dressing up. all poofed and perfumed. i need to do this more often.

sissy maid diane

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ruffle report - the plastic baby panties

i don't have a baby fetish per say. i have long had an interest in noisy panties, plastic panties. i have fantasized about having Mistress make me wear noisy, 'tell tale' panties in puAfter numerous searches, the only suitable, frilly plastic panties were for adult babies. So, finally last fall i bought a pair. i remember the first time i put them on. Even though i ordered a rather small size, they are huge. They are designed to accommodate a diaper, of course.

i simply put them on, sans diapers. The plastic was very cool, and i was immediately aroused. A cummie and caging followed in short order. So, after my post the other night and Mistress Cassie's comment, here's a couple of pics.

Just like the first time i wore them, i became quickly aroused.

i took more pictures in my other filly ruffled panties and i'll post them tomorrow.

sissy maid diane 

sissy ruffle report

Mistress Cassie left this comment on a recent post:

'My My! plastic baby panties... with ruffles I hope.. lots and lots of ruffles!!!!

That comment has inspired me to model & show Mistress some ruffles. The pink ruffly panties above have long been of interest to me. i posted about them in my first blog, even though i never bought them.

Well, that was then and this is now. i did buy them as a Christmas present to myself.

Tonight i'll show them to Mistress and all readers. i guess i'll show a pic or two pf my ruffled plastic pants for Mistress as well.

Right now i'm doing my nails. Dress up pictures to come shortly.

sissy maid diane

The strapon, the blow job, the Mistress' laughter

Here's s series of photos i came across today. i didn't bother to masturbate. Stunned,  i just went ahead & caged.

Oh, my.............

sissy maid diane

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More strap on fun

i was in my cage moments after viewing this one. Self explanatory.................

sissy maid diane

Monday, February 6, 2012

The awful, persistent presence of 'The Ex'

Yes, there's Erica, then, there's the other darker side of masturbation and caging. The Ex is bothering me again these days. Not literally, just mentally - tormenting me. i guess you could say that even 25 years after this cropped wedding day picture was taken - i am still kinda 'caught up in Her skirt.'

She was very controlling, obsessive jealous. i was constantly accused of having affairs when with Her for those 11 years. i was always faithful, and always shadowed by Her possessiveness.
Back then, She was horrified at my cross dressing. She hated my hidden stashes of a few pieces of lingerie and some porn. She was actually jealous of the pictures, or actually my attention to them. She was horribly smothering.

So why the lingering spectre of Her influence 15 plus years after our split? Well.... i just can't help it. If there had been a cock cage in the mix, well everything would have been different. While Mistress Cassie has been extremely patient and crafty in Her very effective use of the cage to control me, the Ex would have used simple blunt force.

Yes, a cage in that marriage would have meant only one thing. The Wife would have been the Key Holder, and the cage would have been on ANY time i was out of Her sight. Period. A monstrous proposition.

Even more monstrous is the fact that somehow (unbelievably), that fact arouses me. The lovely Erica caged me last night, and i was embarrassed to cum for Her in plastic panties. This morning i am right back in the cage.

my embarrassment this time is that once again i've caged for the EX while looking at our wedding picture (below). Oh, no......................

sissy maid diane