Saturday, December 31, 2011

Running for cover

Here's a photo that i came across that sent me running for cover. The sight of a sissy being throughly dominated by use of the strap on. Thoroughly Dominated.

i ran for the plastic cover of my cage, cowering.Oh, my!

sissy maid diane

The sissy and the girdle reality

What has gotten me so sideways lately is the retro image of a Woman in a girdle. A pink girdle at that. i've written before about those days in school when glimpses up Girl's skirts collided with puberty and was a major influence on my cross dressing.

The more i look at this picture, the more i look at the past. i think the most significant conclusion is that i was enamored of what i saw up those skirts before i saw what was behind the girdle. By the time i was finally introduced to Pussy, i had become a cross dresser. my interest in what covered the Promised Land has never waned. It's totally ingrained for me to be aroused at the sight of lingerie, and the feel of it.

It was a natural progression, and something that i was vulnerable to, for this to lead to submission to what lies on the other side of girdles and panties. Wearing them n,myself is half of the equation. Mistress Cassie is the other half. She turned my cross dressing into sissification and ultimately submission to Her.

i can't unring the cross dressing bell. That's a permanent part of who i am. The 2nd more recent bell that i can't unring Mistress holds in Her hand. When She rings that bell, i answer the call to servitude.

Like cross dressing, my submission to Mistress is also permanent.

sissy maid diane

Friday, December 30, 2011

Back to the nail salon

After my rewarding, and relaxing, visit to the beauty salon, it was off to the mall. It dawned on me that this might not be the best day for a pedicure. The day before New Year's Eve, and a day when many are off. And at the mall, still lots of shoppers looking for bargains or returning gifts.

But i went anyway. Today was salon day for me. i went to this mall because it's (again) not too close to home. And because i have fond femming memories and experiences at that mall. It was there that i got a Macy's makeover, fully dressed in 2008. The mall also has more than one nail salon.

It was crowded, but not impossibly so. i found a parking spot and went to the salon that i used to frequent. There i also had built a relationship with a manicurist - 'M'. Happily for Her, but unhappily for me, She left the business early last year to start a family. And while i went to that salon and a couple of other's after She left, it wasn't the same. Like my hairstylist knew that i wanted the big girl hair dryer, M knew that i wanted color as a part of my pedicure.

The first time wasn't easy, and i sorta mumbled 'pink polish'. She either didn't hear me, or understand me. i got clear polish. It was on the 2nd trip that i got up the nerve to ask for color. And She didn't bat an eye. After that i usually let Her pick the color. It was all good. Especially the pedicures themselves.

This has to be one of the best kept secrets of the Female world. For a modest sum, the amount of personal attention, the wonderful ambiance, the vibrating chairs - it's unbeatable. Men are such idiots. i don't know one man who admits to ever getting a pedicure. It's a Woman thing.

Well, i'm guessing that Women everywhere hope that men keep thinking that way. i always feel a little self conscious when i get a pedicure. It's not so much fear of discovery either. It's more like a feeling that i'm in a Female sanctuary of sorts. The racks of polish, the pretty decor, the hushed tones of conversation (or gossip?). It's all so wonderful.

However, my manicurist is gone. So, i'm starting over. Todays' visit to my old salon didn't go well. There was no one to greet me, just a sigh in sheet. i signed and sat down. It wasn't all that busy, as i was the only one seated. i waited patiently as two customers came in after me and were taken in immediately. Maybe they had appointments, but i don't think so, given whet i overheard.i think it was a lapse in service, or maybe an assumption that i was waiting for my Girlfriend or Wife. Whatever the case, i decide to try another salon.

The good news was that i got a chair right away at location number two. The bad news was that the pedicure chairs were off to the side, barely, instead of in the back, like my old salon. i felt more exposed and the lighting was bright. More good news, though - i was the only one getting a pedi.

So, as the warm water engulfed my feet, i perused the menu. There it was, French or American pedicure. -$28.00. i wanted the French pedi. Rather than blurt that desire out, i asked what an American pedicure was. The Manicurist answer was that it was color, then She immediately suggested a 'manicure supreme'. Well, that conversation didn't go as planned, and i numbly accepted Her suggestion.

The supreme was great, of course. It involved a sea salt ex foliation, a mask, a lot of scrubbing away at calluses, and a lot of massaging. Nial polish wasn't part of the deal.

But, it was wonderful in every other way. my feet just felt alive afterwards, absolutely delicious. As usual, Mistress was correct in admonishing me for letting my salon visits wane. Being feminized can be difficult at times, but there are many rewards as well. Getting pampered at salons is high on the list. i will get another pedicure soon enough, and i will get up the nerve for color.

Just like my relationship with my Hairstylist, i'll find a new manicurist to build a relationship with. And Mistress doesn't need to worry about me sliding back into bad habits, like not going to the salon.

What was i thinking!

sissy maid diane

Back to the beauty salon

i was busted by Mistress a couple of weeks ago for not visiting the beauty or nail salon regularly. my excuse was the job, of course. But Mistress wasn't about to let me slip backwards in my training. i had until the end of the year to do a pampering day at the salon(s) or pay dire consequences.

So, today was salon day. This morning i called the beauty salon that i used to frequent. Not this salon, but close enough.

i had not been there since March. The Owner answered the phone and i asked if 'L' was in today. Right away the Owner asked "is this mr. d? (my other name also begins with d). When i replied yes, She went on to say how they've missed me.

Well, the whole thing about a gurl and the relationship with her hair stylist came flooding back to me. That's kinda the whole point in going to the salon. Relationships. The whole Female domain thing is part of it too, but after going there for 3 years i had built a relationship. Going to a chain Hair Cuttery is more convenient,  faster and a little less expensive. i got into the habit of going there because of time restraints. What i got was a quick, cheap, decent hair cut. Period. What i also got was a different stylist every time. No appointments, in and out.

Today, it was a lot more enjoyable. After getting caught up with 'L', i was surprised at how much She remembered about me, and likewise. After the hair cut, She washed my hair and as W/we approached  the 'big girl' hair dryers, She asked if i wanted some time under the dryer today. i did, of course, and i was about to suggest it. But again, She remembered. And i was reunited with the dryer.

The moral of part one of my salon day is that getting a hair cut can be just that, or much more. i chose the salon originally, in part, because it is 1/2 hour from home. A safety from discovery issue. The problem is that i now work in the other direction. But, the reality is that i need to find an hour a month of travel time to make the trip - for the relationship. The relationship between a sissy gurl and her hair Stylist.

Next, a different result on my nail salon visit.

sissy maid diane

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The 'cage gauge' goes off - again

Well, here i am, caged - again. An experiment with using a nylon to enter the cage. i still have more than two hours before i meet the Mistress Cassie imposed minimum of 4 hours locked up. So, i found myself browsing through my picture folder.

Since i haven't masturbated, the 'gauge' is a little sensitive. But it really went off when i took a look at the scene above. Maybe it's because i got a thorough cuckold session from Mistress a couple of weeks ago describing, in detail, Her giving me the strap on while i orally attended to Her lover. Maybe the fact that Mistress made me suck a cock for Her a good while back and keeps that fact front & center - along with my dildo training.

Whatever the trigger, i posted weeks ago about sharing things that make my cage fill & here's tonight's installment. And the cage is really full tonight. :o)

sissy maid diane

Slipping into the cock cage

i had a fun IM session last night with my closest sissy gurlfriend, Bianca. Among the topics was putting on the cock cage. i use baby oil as a lubricant but Bianca suggested trying the stocking method, and described it along with giving me a link for instructions.

So, i tried it just now. i didn't masturbate, and that complicated things. The stocking i used was a nylon stocking that had a run in it. i cut off several inches from the toe up. Then i put the ring of the cage on and threaded the stocking through the cage. Basically, after inserting the head of my clitty into the open end of the stocking, i pulled the toe end through the opening and my clitty followed.

The only problem was that i was getting hard fast as i felt the nylon gently tugging me towards imprisonment. But it worked! Tomorrow i'll be going to the salons for pampering. i think afterwards i'll dress up and take some pictures.

Then i'll cum, gazing longingly, excitedly at the photo of Mistress above. After i cum, i'll demonstrate the stocking method with pictures. It should go on easier after cumming, and make at least the start of my next confinement period more enjoyable.

Thanks Bianca!

sissy maid diane.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

sissy salon day dreaming

One of my two current assignments from Mistress includes a sissy pampering day. That will happen either tomorrow or Friday. A trip to the beauty salon for a hair cut & blow dry under the 'big gurl' dryer is a give. But then i think it's overdue for me to get a pedicure.

Pedicures are great and i actually miss getting my nails done. The only stressful part was the occasions when i got color. That trip form the chair to the drying station was a little embarrassing when i had a color like red applied. And yet a professionally applied coat of polish is so much more appealing than my do it yourself polish.

Since my hard to find  (t gurl friendly) manicurist retired to family life, i have been reluctant to search for a replacement. Maybe i'll inquire about French nails when i get my pedicure. They are very nice looking and i've been curios about the process for some time. And lots of the Women i view have them, usually on the fingers though. But not always....

Anyway, it may be a little less noticeable on my trip to the drying station. We'll see. i'm trying to get my nerve up now.

Maybe tomorrow's the salon day....

sissy maid diane

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

sissy gurl girdling

i can't remember the last time i came into a girdle, before today. Lycra spandex is not the silky sheer nylon material that i prefer. But today was a day to shave and put on lots of lotion and pamper myself. i'm feeling very very femme these days. Since i have some time off (finally) i'm going to enjoy being diane.

There will be more to come this week, but i wanted to start at the beginning, the girdle. The retro picture gallery of Tori took me back to the 60's when a good day was getting a peek of a Female Class mate's undies. It was usually a girdle. A great day was when one of them got careless and i got a look all the way to the gusset.

Two of the many things about Tori that really got my attention was Her spreading Her legs for that great gusset look, and the mixing of colors. my gusset isn't as smooth and inviting as Tori's (too much junk down there), but i liked the feel of spreading wide. It was also fun to mix colors of lingerie, something i rarely do.

It was fun - period. And it led to me soiling my girdle and caging. Usually when i masturbate wearing a girdle, i pull it down and let my panties 'do their thing'. Today, i was in such a girdle frenzy that i didn't even wear panties, like Tori. i just rubbed away and shot into that controlling spandex material. Then i caged and pulled my girdle back on..

Ah, Mistress Cassie's Hierarchy of  images and porn stars strikes again. If i had seen these pictures of Tori before becoming so enamored of Her, i might have figured out She was a bad Girl, a hardcore porn star who seduced me into caging & girdling with Her girdle shoot. Too late now.

Yes, Her impact was already registered when i saw just what a bad Girl She is. But i just had to do a pink girdle and blue bra shoot and here it is.

Much more to cum this week.  (wink)

sissy maid diane

The leaking cock cage

my goodness! i have spent so much time locked in my cage in chastity the last few days. i put on my frilly plastic sissy panties a couple of hours ago, and i just found a pool of cum. my bubble bath is running, but i took a couple of quick pics before shaving and dressing.

It almost looks like i'm peeing, but it's a string of sissy cum, a plastic plastic to plastic bridge of cum. Looks like i'll really be soiling my girdle later. i see some hand washing in my future.

sissy maid diane

cuckold caption

i feel like i've been seduced than cucked by a porn star. While i prepare for my girdle shoot tonight, i thought i'd throw in a cuckold caption.

sissy maid diane

It's shave and girdle day

Influenced greatly into cross dressing during puberty by the marvelous girdle, i have been recently smitten by a girdle Model, Tori. While She turned out to be a very naughty hard core porn Star, Her girdle images have taken a toll.

It has been a while since i did a girdle shoot, modelling my own extensive collection. But later today i will be shaving and dressing up, with the girdle featured. Maybe a blue one with a pink bra, kinda reverse of Tori. It is blue panty day after all.

i have been in my cage since Saturday. It's time to get out, but it won't be for long. i have a feeling that i'll have a soiled girdled by the end of the day and the cage will go on again.

Until then...

sissy maid diane

Monday, December 26, 2011

Cuckolded by a Porn Star

Anyone who reads this blog knows that i am a sissy who's been feminized by Mistress Cassie. Readers also know the role that pron [lays in my femming. i become fixed on images that ultimately lead me to more femmiing.

Case in point, this recent Model wearing Her pink girdle. i became fixed on Her, and spent time posting, caging,wearing a girdle, all because i became enamored of the vision She portrayed. The vision of a retro Beauty, circa the 1960's when even young Women routinely wore girdles.

i became so fixed on Her that i joined the website, just to see more of Her. That is the reason site give free samples, to draw your attention in with a tease. Want to see more? Just join. So i joined and i saw more. And i became more infatuated with Her and She has a name - Tori Paige.

Well, the irony is that the damage was done by the time i realized who She is. Tori is not exactly the 'Girl next door'. No, She is a porn star, a hardcore Porn Star. She is, for example, featured on the home page of

So, while i sit here in my purple girdle and cock cage, i find this out about Her. Yes, She is easy to find in cuckold searches, it seems something of a niche for Tori. Trapped by Her into the girdle & cage, i now sense that i have been cucked by a Porn Star. i'm drawn to picture after picture of Her, hardcore stuff. But the roots of my attraction to Tori are soft core in nature. Girdle pictures. Now i look at Her with all kinds of men, while i am caged.

Mistress has said that pretty Models and porn serve as pawns as She feminizies me. It's all part of Her femming hierarchy. Well, here's another example.

Oh, my!

sissy maid diane

Pussy denied

When i first starting my femme training with Mistress Cassie, i actually had a Girfriend. i remember 2 things clearly. One was an assignment, where Mistress had me insert a butt plug the next time i 'made love'. And i did. By virtue of following Her instructions, Mistress had put Herself 'in the room.'

When the next conversation took place, i remember the second thing. Mistress Cassie likened Herself to a Queen Bee.  While i found myself reading an article about Queen Bees, it was obvious that Mistress Cassie's reference was intended to make one point. That while i had a GF, i also had Mistress now. A Dominant presence Who was asserting Her Authority while dealing with me and the other lesser Female bee. She was taking control of me, and removing an obstacle. the GF.

And it worked.

During a recent session with Mistress (more than 3 years later) i asked Her if i would ever be allowed  to pursue a possible love interest, She answered a question with questions of Her won. "How would i explain my panties, nail polish, the fact that i had sucked a cock for my Mistress?" Then She laughed, Her amazing Mistress in control laugh. She could have simply said no, but that would have been too easy and less effective.

In the complex society of the honey bee, the Queen occupies a central, dominant and critical role. In the complex D/s relationship with my Mistress i am a worker bee. As a small part of Her colony, i play a role. my role is to please Mistress Cassie, to listen and obey.

When, from time to time, my mind wanders off onto the subject of missing real Pussy, Mistress reminds me that She has turned me in to a pussy. A sissified, pussified drone for Her. All for Her. something else She said, 'You belong to Me now - and it isn't so bad, is it?"

Yes, i am the property of Mistress Cassie. And - it's not so bad. with time, i'll better accept the fact that when She says 'trapped forever' She means it. And that with that acceptance comes the realization that in the 3 plus years since my last love making session with another Woman, Mistress has sessioned me many, many times.
Feminized me one day at a time, Her way. the end result is that i don't know what's coming next, but i need to be prepared for that, and not worry about Pussy. Those days are over.

sissy maid diane

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Girdle bound sissy

i just keep getting into all kinds of sissy trouble with pictures. This one i find mesmerizing. i ca't look away. It takes me back to my roots of cross dressing. Now that i'm a Mistress trained sissy, this photo takes on another dimension. While i love girdles and these pictures, it's a reminder that the girdle is a control garment. As She spreads Her legs, that lovely girdle denies me from viewing Her Womanhood.

It's a tormenting girdle tease.

And by looking too much, i couldn't stay out of a girdle myself. But not before i put my cage on. Next week i'm off work. i'll be pampering myself with a trip to the beauty salon and the nail salon. i'll be freshly shaved and i'll be going 'out'. And i'll be taking lots of pictures. i think one day next week, i'll do a girdle shoot. i have so, so many to choose from.

For today, i'm really feeling controlled. i'm a girdle bound sissy.

sissy maid diane