Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bringing the sissy posts up to date, the ex wife, the sissy frenzy the attempt to escape the feminization trap

For those of you getting tired of or confused by these posts full of pictures from my last blog, you'll be relieved to know that this is the last such post. Lots of pictures here again from late last year into early this year. There are notes under some of the more notable moments and pics (for me at least).

i'm not sure why these gown pictures came up first in this album. This is actaully the last of my previous blog. i was looking for a party dress. The one i chose is the purple number above. i ordered it, it never came & shortly afterwards my blog was disabled by Google.

Mistress from time to time, had me wear a ribbon tied in a bow. Sometimes, She called it 'the blow bow'. Here i wore see through pink panties with my bow. A simple glance down reminded me of my position - under Her.

Mistress loves hypnosis. She is hypnotic, and i have had hypnosis sessions with Her. In reality all of Her sessions incorporate an element of hypnosis. Oh, how many times i've heard 'Liten to the sound of My voice". i listened, beleive me, i listened.

Imagine my fascination with this picture when i recognized the bra and panty set. It was already in my collection.

Like most sissies, strap ons attract me......

The only key to my most secure cock cage lock now resides with Mistress, in Canada. She could tell me to use that lock........

my interest in cuckoldry, spawned when Mistress shared details of Her affair with Crunch, kept growing.

 i strayed and tried to resist my femming and stopped shaving for a while.Then i shaved all over again, and the femming turned ito a frenzy.

i own this super curly sissy wig now.

The obsession with Monica deepens............

Oh, boy. The Ex. A crppoed pic of Her wedding dress, from a long time ago. i came accross an old 8 x 10 and scanned it. Inexplicably, she became a central figure in a new spate of femming frenzy. Not a happy marriage and she wasn't a particularly nice person. It didn't make sense, thias ltest obesession. It got worse.

my white pencil skirt, inspired by the Ex.

i was so overcome by my state of feminization, i did an 'angry post.

Angry or not, i loved my white skirt, and my filmy white top. Being able to see my bra straps was so, so feminine and wonderful.

The white skirt, the ex.

i did a series of posts with little bits of the Ex's skirt in each posts, challenging reader's to figure it out, to see what was in every post. No one ever figured it out, but that image became a focal point.

Lovely Monica was still in the picture, big time. The Ex & Monica. Femming & more femming.

Yes, lovely Monica & that awful attraction to the Ex's skirt. It was in my head, the two of them. Temporary insanity almost. What wasn't temporary was the ever present Mistress Cassie.

my bedroom became a gurls bedroom.

i was trying anything and everything, including panty liners.

The frenzy deepened with self imposed lenghty stints of caging.

The closet, the drawers full of lingerie, the drapes, the bed spread - it was all gurly gurl stuff. All of it.

Monica, the Ex, the bedroom, the cage and most of all Mistress. It was time to go out again.

Getting a tank full, giving an eye full.

Stopping by the drive thru for dinner. Pictures of Mistress, Minica & the skirt kept me compnay on my outing.

i had been caged for days and the deal i made with my group of pictures was no getting out of the cage unil i 'got out'.. So, i went out

Okay, that's it for the big blasts of pictures from my old blog. We'll see what comes next. i got an IM from Mistress on Monday. She put me in a 12 step program. Step one, a reminder of my still panty trained state. She put me in red panties for Tuesday. Today, Wednesday i found myself in the good old yellow day of the week panties.

So, my last phone sessions with Mistress were 'life advice' sessions. The party dress was to celebrate a career change, which i made. A big change. i'm trying to find balance now, hoping not to be consumed by my femming again. While changing careers, it's became apparent that i've changed, courtesy of Mistress, changed for the better and forever.

my search for balance has led me back to Mistress. Hopefully, She'll be gentle wih the next 11 steps of the 12 step program of reentry into Her grasp, a grasp She never really relinguished. No painted nails here now, and the hair is back. i still don't own any boy underwear and i still sleep in lingerie and in a sissy gurl's bedroom.

i'm still a sissy, Mitress Cassie's sissy.

sissy maid diane