Thursday, September 25, 2014

Monica Miller + legs = masturbation fee

Yes, i'm experiencing something of a masturbation frenzy of late. This classic set of Monica Miller and Her friend Sonia, is the latest to cause me to pay Mistress Cassie a masturbation fee. For my money, Monica has the absolute perfect legs. Those nylons aren't bad either.

It was worth it - again.

sissy maid diane

The agreement - Caption

sissy maid diane

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Garters and a hint of a slip -She's all business

sissy maid diane

Red rose petals

sissy maid diane

Lacy blue slip, nylons and heels - oh, my!

sissy maid diane

Today at the glory hole....

sissy maid diane

Legs of the day

sissy maid diane

Alex and the enduring influence of porn

Way back in my adolescence when hormones were raging and i didn't know what was, lingerie ads in magazines and department store catalogs were the inspiration for my introduction to masturbation, and ultimately cross dressing. That, and of course - ogling my Female classmates and the occasional glimpse of a girdle or nylon top.

It's porn that has ultimately reigned as the lasting, ongoing source of inspiration for me to dress and explore being diane. The oldest pics still in the mix for me are from a magazine called Teased, Tormented & Transformed. Long ago out of print, the sight of Cynthia and Alan in this photo spread stiill excites me - after 30 years. Cynthia is well, dominating and Alan has such a perfect cock!

Even before that, in the 70's, i became enthralled with Club magazine. By today's standards it would be considered soft porn, but it sure made me hard. The Women were always young and hot, of course. But what set the magazine apart was the attention to lingerie in the shoots.  Alex was not gracing the magazine's pages in the 70' more like the early 1990's.

Still, that's more than 20 years ago & when i came accross this copy a few days ago, fond memories of Her & Her companion Toby returned. i payed the masturbation fee shortly after viewing them.

Club ultimately progressed to harder porn after theses earlier year and didn't capure the essence of sexy lingerie in the later issues. But they sure got it right back in the day.

Yes, Alex and Toby still spark my interest today.

Mistress Cassie encourages using porn Models as role Models for feminization. She considers Them part of Her Hierarchy. And so do i..............

sissy maid diane

A blast from the past - reintroducing Alex

More later on this scan from a 20 plus year old issue of Club Magazine. For now let's say that it speaks to my inclinations toward porn and the lasting effect of such images.

sissy maid diane

Friday, September 19, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014