Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year to all!

sissy maid diane

Tomorrow is baking day

What better way to welcome in the New Year than to complete a sissy assignment from Mistress Cassie?

The assignment - to make some maple fudge from scratch. All dressed up & with my plastic pussy at hand. A picture post is also required.  :o)

Stay tuned, there may be a surprise development tomorrow.

sissy maid diane

The blow job collage


sissy maid diane

Wedding night bliss

Here is a role Model for doing it right on Her wedding night.

sissy maid diane

Extreme panty training

i have been panty trained for so long that it qualifies as extreme now. I have special white wedding panties for the ceremony on Saturday evening. The submissive wedding day ceremony.

sissy maid diane 

Acknowledging the Dominant Female - 4 days left

In four days i'll be taking my wedding vows, marrying an online phone sex Queen - Mistress Cassie. i will be the old fashioned bride, a submissive to the Dominant Partner. The days of a Woman submitting unquestioningly to a husband are long gone, of course. EXCEPT FOR A sissy bride. Here, the old norm will apply for sure.  i will submit entirely to Mistress. As a sissy bride, moving forward, future blow jobs are a given..........

Yes, today there is an ever growing awareness that Female's are not only the 'fairest' gender, They are also the Superior Gender. i'm talking the talk, and walking the walk - down the aisle!

sissy maid diane

diane's single days are numbered (five & counting down)

my day's as a single, unmarried sissy are numbered. Already trained by and a certified sissy slave to Mistress Cassie, i have 5 days until i 'marry' Her. i'm getting married to an extraordinary online Mistress. The only change in Her life will be that She knows that I will be trapped forever. She is making one commitment:

1) She will NEVER agree to divorce

On the other hand, i will be making 10 more 100% commitments, 11 total:

1) i will submit to Her wishes, and feminization training - always
2) i will wear panties every day
3) i will adhere to my bra schedule minimums
4) i will keep my sissy body shaved
5) i will keep my toenails painted, finger nails as required by Mistress
6) i will always pee sitting down, subject to discipline
7) i will forsake all real Pussy, and love my plastic Pussy - i will never date Women again
8) i will cage after masturbation
9) i will never be allowed to divorce Her
10) i will willingly be Her cuckold
11) i will suck cock and open my virgin sissy pussy to men, at Her request

There will be more commitments and rules for me as Mistress sees fit. The only change in Her life will be whatever happiness i can give Her as Her completely surrendered sissy slave and sissy bride.

i will be wearing my full cathedral white wedding dress on Saturday evening & will take appropriate wedding vows to Mistress.

Even though i am 3 times married & divorced, this will be my first marriage as a submissive sissy - and the first where divorce is not an option.

Oh, my goodness! Will i actually go through with this?????

Stay tuned.......

sissy maid diane

Monday, December 30, 2013

A sissy Pussied

Like many sissies, i had occasion to be bullied in my youth. Now, I'm being 'Pussied'.

Oh, my!

sissy maid diane

The heterosexual question - answered by diane

Yes, i am heterosexual! When i'm the male me, or when i'm diane i live for and adore Pussy.

i love Pussy so much, i'll suck cock for it. Let's be clear about this - i only sucked a cock (once) for Mistress Cassie, and i was completely dressed. i was diane!

i would never suck cock under ant other circumstances. This week, i'll be dressed twice as diane, and posting here. i'll be susceptible to giving a blow job. But - it would be a heterosexual act. i will, undoubtedly suck cock again for Mistress. She only has to say the word - um, two words.

Just setting the record straight here.  :o)

sissy maid diane


Influential porn - finale

Last, but not least, in the series of 7 posts about the influential nature of porn during my o0ngoing feminization.

This is Aria Giovanni. She is a porn Superstar & it took me a while to piece together various images of Her as being the same amazing Woman. Her amazing body is a natural feminizing machine.

She keeps showing up in captions and in Pussy porn searches. There is a no difficulty in finding Aria in lingerie either. Here, She has a certain mystique about Her that has caged me many times:

Voluptuous, full bodied - overpowering!

Yes, She has been (and continues to be) a very influential Figure in my femming. There are  many more, of course. But that's enough for now. I have a sissy assignment fro Mistress to complete, and then there's the whole wedding thing coming up.........

sissy maid diane

Some of my favorite captions

Geez, i go away for a few days on personal business and my viewership falls off. So, i need to share some more posts during the coming days. i'd like to see reader's getting into something approaching my building frenzy over the wedding this weekend.

So here are a few of my favorite all time sissy captions, starting with the first one that I remember becoming enamored with. The Lovely teasing Yana:

The Iconic Monica (and Sonja):

The shaved pussy caption, which always surfaces on my shaving days:

A couple that remind me of the Ex:

The Keyholder:

Young panty Trainer:

The Shemale (and blow job) influence:

That's all for now.......

sissy maid diane

It's time - a return to feminization

i am heeding the call from Monica and Sonja. It's time to return to feminization, return to Mistress Cassie.

i will be completing the maple fudge sissy assignment in full dress up and post in the next couple of days. After that, i believe that my 'online wedding' to Mistress will go on as planned, for January 4.

Thank you to all for your condolences - and patience.

sissy maid diane

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Time out - family matter

There will be a delay in the completion of today's cooking assignment, which will probably turn into more of a New Years cooking and gift assignment.

There has been an unexpected death of a close family member, and out of respect for the deceased, i'll be suspending posting for a bit.

sissy maid diane

Favorite & influential porn - Miss Melody

Another very influential feminizing Model is Miss Melody. This is from an online social site and have long forgotten the name of that site. But i haven't forgotten Miss Melody by a long shot. She came along last year after i bought the plastic pussy, Lililola, the Fleshlight.
i only have this one image of Melody, but it's a powerful One. When i first talked to Mistress Cassie, i was still enjoying real Pussy. i had a significant other. Mistress 'Queen Bee'd' Her out of the picture and ultimately weaned me from real Pussy, onto plastic - where i'll remain. Trained.

Now, it's been a while since i masturbated & caged to this picture. However that one image has been duplicated many times in my picture folder. No matter what the stakes or the game is, She is LWAYS A play again when Her image comes up - which is often. i have cropped that picture plenty of times and here's my favorite crop:

A definite 'before and after' image for me. Before Mistress Cassie - real Pussy. After - now - plastic.
Oh, my! 
Next up?
sissy maid diane

Porn favorites - Ariel

i stumbled on Ariel at twistys.com, where I was a member for a while some time back. i must have done a search for hot lingerie and couples.  And maybe Slut. Yes, She's slutty i think - and that's a good thing! No complaints here. Well, maybe one - She's led to many hours caged, and She's a constant play again on the picture game. There are a lot of images of Ariel in my picture folder, but only one shoot on Twisty's. They got it right the first time.

She gets Her man going her:

She got me going too when i first saw this image. It's hot, but there's a (very) little hint of innocence before She really gets going - here with plenty of lingerie intact:

But the most impactful of Her pics for me is this one:

What a Tease! That Pussy has just been fucked hard, and there it is, spread open in all it's beauty. And that, my friends is one pretty and inviting Pussy. Since i have been weaned for life from real Pussy by Mistress Cassie, this drives me to the plastic pussy - and the cage.


Oh, my. What a slutty Teaser of sissies She is!

Next up - don't know yet. Stay tuned.

sissy maid diane

Porn favorites - Kitana

You can see that many of my porn favs are on the 'soft porn' side. A tight skirt and blouse reveals Her great, feminizing body.

The roots of my femming run deep, and lingerie is a key ingredient. Kitana is smoking hot, and She wears Her lingerie, it doesn't wear Her. This hint of Her Female sex causes me problems (and losses) at the picture game:

She makes me want to cum in my panties!

There's an exotic, heart pounding beauty about Her as well.
Next up, Ariel.
sissy maid diane

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The maple fudge assignment

Tomorrow i'll dressed again and in front of the camera - again. A new sissy assignment from Mistress Cassie. i am to get the ingredients for making maple fudge from scratch. i'll be in the kitchen with my apron on, and Lililola will be watching as part of the assignment.

The maple fudge will be a Christmas gift for someone on my list and for Mistress. She is Canadian after all.

I'm in the cage again, and will remain so until the cocking begins. Another memorable phone session with Mistress.

Until tomorrow..........

sissy maid diane

Back in the pink - and back in Mistress Cassie's Lair

The Lioness, Mistress Cassie has just sessioned me on IM. All dressed in pink and freshly out of the punishment girdle. i simply couldn't resist a session with Her. It's been eating at me since She was unavailable Saturday night during my masturbation video taping. i am looking for a make up phone session later.

She just scratched that itch.

Yes, i ventured back into the Lioness' lair tonight, and i will be caged once again. This time Mistress Mistress may show some mercy after my girdling.

Tonight free of the punishment girdle, i am back in pink, wet spot and all.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh- pink, there is no substitute for a sissy. And, there is no substitute for Mistress!

sissy maid diane

The porn Keyholder

Thank you for indulging me while I share some of my favorite all time porn images, and a little insight into their affect on me. All are agents of Mistress Cassie and all are a helpful influence on my femming.

This unnamed Model I've seen only In captions @ indecisivecaptions.com, and She was instrumental in my discovery and love of capping.

This photo, in particular gets a lot of viewing from me and is quite populated in my 'picture game' library. She's not the typical Supermodel, but there's something about Her. Nic. And the captions are often about caging & the key - that's why I've nicknamed Her The Keyholder.

She also likes HRT:


And then there's the element of hypnosis, something near and dear to Mistress Cassie (and me).

Yes, The Keyholder is special, and so is Kitana - up next.

sissy maid diane

Favorite porn - Erica

Here's Erica Campbell, Playboy magazine's Model of the year in 2005. She's still Model of the year in my book. The epitome of a voluptuous Woman, big curves in all the right places with lots of high end, luscious lingerie.

Oh, my!

Next up - the unnamed Model who is closely tied to my caging. i call Her Keyholder, even though that title really belongs to Mistress Cassie.

sissy maid diane