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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The strap on sandwich

Ane enviable position....

sissy maid diane

Cage Queening

sissy maid diane

Pussy replacement training - caption

sissy maid diane

The choice has been made by Mistress Cassie

There's no doubt about it now. i love my plastic pussy. Mistress Cassie has weaned from real Pussy.

i want and need my plastic!

sissy maid diane

Under Mistress Cassie's spell - it feels so good!

Sometimes i have a feeling of quiet desperation. Under the spell and under control. Hypnotized, trained and owned - by Mistress Cassie. Sometimes, like today, it feels oh, so good knowing that She is in charge........

sissy maid diane

Caged and pretty in pink

These sissies love pink, just like i do.

sissy maid diane

Up against the wall

This dominant tranny makes her sissy crawl to her.

sissy maid diane

The leaking cock cage

i've been here many times. Nice panties.

sissy maid diane

Guest caption - the wife swap

sissy maid diane

More cuckold action

sissy maid diane

Monday, July 14, 2014

A cuckold's view

A properly shaved, dressed and caged sissy gets to watch the Wife being satisfied.

sissy maid diane

Sunday, July 13, 2014

A tranny cock, thick and tapered for easy entry

This thick tranny cock has a tapered end which would def make it easier to insert into a sissy pussy. At least getting it started......


sissy maid diane

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Be careful what you wish for.....

One of Mistress Cassie's favorite sayings & i've heard it a lot! Be careful what you wish for, sissy.

She has a talent for probing into the sissy psyche and finding the fantasies and the weak spots. Then She expertly exploits that information. The very first session i had with Mistress Cassie, the topic was the cage. For years She used it to control & feminize me. Recently i've been released from that cage and it's terms. i can't help but wonder if She knew all along that it would return as a tool in Her arsenal, if it ever left at all.

my poor neglected cage (and more femming) awaits.

Mistress has been silent lately, but She has a knack for showing up when i'm most vulnerable - like now..

Yes, my need for caging from Mistress Cassie grows. This knowing full well from experience that i should be more careful.......

sissy maid diane

There's no unringing the cage bell

It didn't take long to find a few pictures of me in the cock cage. There are a lot of pics, and there's been a lot of time caged these past few years. The idea that i could walk away from it was a novel one. Mistress Cassie's training can only be undone in one way and one way only.

It would have to come from Her. It's hard to imagine that She would give me a hypnotic series of sessions to unring the cage bell. That seems highly unlikely. It's more likely that in our next session i will end up begging for a return to caging. If She were to summon me today, that is exactly what would happen.

sissy maid diane

Plastic replacement therapy at the hands of Mistress Cassie

Mistress Cassie is my Therapist. i have experienced many therapeutic sessions with Her. One of the real effects of this therapy has been my reliance on plastic. The plastic cage was crucial in Her successful campaign to control my masturbation habits - and me. The plastic dildo was instrumental in my cock sucking training and ultimately lead to a real blow job. The dildo and cage successfully replaced my desire with other Women and Pussy with a desire to serve only Mistress and Her desires.

The dildo also has me constantly yearning for Mistress' dominating strap on.

The final piece of the plastic replacement puzzle was the plastic pussy. In the unlikely event that i was presented with this choice, i would undoubtedly opt for the plastic. i get excited just thinking about it (not the lovely Model).

And that is the end result of the Mistress Cassie plastic replacement therapy.

Something else that she is very, very good at.

sissy maid diane

Mistress at ease

i came across this photo while doing an image search which was of Dominating Mistresses and sissies. This young Mistress is at ease as i am quite sure that Mistress Cassie is as well. In my case in particular, She is in no hurry to reign me back in, confident that Her hypnosis and training these past several years will eventually wear me down.

my day as a 50's housewife is now 2 weeks overdue, and i've gotten sloppy about my feminine hygiene. For the umpteenth time it's my feeble attempt at trying to convince myself that i can escape Her trap. Instead, of course, i find myself thinking about Her (and lately) the cage more than ever.

Yes, it seems that servitude to Mistress Cassie is permanent for me. i am Her property - period. Trying to ignore that has always proved to be folly, and it is no different now. When i submit to Her again (inevitable) it will only be worse, i'll be in an even deeper feminization trap. It is the nature of the relationship. Mistress knows this and is relaxing, knowing She can have me at Her feet at the snap of Her pretty fingers.

Yes, Mistress waits stress free, while my anxiety raises. Just ;like my need for Her, and increasingly, the cage.

sissy maid diane

The nagging allure of the cock cage

Yes, i have been released from the mandatory caging by Mistress Cassie after masturbation. Physically. Mentally is another matter. Now i pay a fee to Mistress for masturbation privileges. i no longer face the physical demands of the uncomfortable, unforgiving cage.

But there lingers another ;level of discomfort, as lately i have been thinking more about the cage than i have in a long while. The thinking is turning into action, as i have been finding myself locked up from time to time. Sometimes before masturbation, some times after.

It's a testament to Mistress Cassie's hypnotic power, as She repeated for years that i need caging. Thus it has proved difficult to escape this pull of the cage - and the pull of Mistress' past training. The worst fear, of course, is that i will continue to pay the masturbation fee and Mistress will return me to caging.

i fantasize about it, this new high level of control. The scariest pasrt is that Mistress has a long track record of turning fantasy into reality.

Oh, my!

sissy maid diane

Thursday, July 10, 2014