Sunday, August 31, 2014

Permanently trapped by Mistress Cassie - resistance is futile

i am deep into yet another long run of resisting the pull of even more feminization by Mistress Cassie. Even though i've been thoroughly feminized by Her for years, the resistance continues. After the hundreds of hours of phone and on line sissy training and hypnosis, i still struggle to free myself from Her control over me.

Lately, i've been wavering in my resolve to escape. Just as in the past, it won't take much for Mistress to reel me back in - hook. line & sinker. We both know the same inescapable fact - feminization by Mistress Cassie is a permanent condition once She has a sissy in Her clutches.

Resistance is futile, and if She summons me i will submit to Her. If She doesn't summon me, it's only a matter of time before i submit on my own.

sissy maid diane.

Enjoying Her Femdom toys

sissy maid diane

sissy strap on training

sissy maid diane

Opening wide - forced blow jobs

For sissies reluctant to submit to giving blow jobs, sometimes a little aid is required.............

sissy maid diane

Shemale Beauty

sissy maid diane

Dreaming of Mistress Cassie's strap on

sissy maid diane

Monday, August 25, 2014

Needing Mistress & the cock cage - it feels so good

It's been months since i dressed up as diane and posted pictures here. It's overdue to say the least. Mistress Cassie knows that She can change that with a word, but She also knows that i will eventually succumb to my need for Her and beg for Her beyond this blog. So, no masturbation today, no session with Mistress Cassie, just plain old caging is at hand. It's the same story, the love/ hate relationship i have with the cock cage. The new element the last three months is that i no longer have to cage after masturbation. i just pay Mistress a masturbation fee.

When that agreement was reached i didn't count on one inescapable fact. The fact is that from day one of my femming at the Hands of Mistress Cassie, She used the cage to gain and maintain Control. From there, the feminization took off. And, from there, i was conditioned, for 7 years, to cage after masturbation whether i was sessioned or not. Seven years is a long time, with a lot of hypnosis from Mistress. She has control of me - and my mind.

It's that conditioning and training that i simply can't undo for any meaningful length of time. i need my cage & i need for Mistress to put me in it. It's that simple. When She does, i'll continue to pay masturbation fees of course. She probably knew all along that, and it's only reasonable that She gets both. That's the nature of forced feminization. Mistress forced Me into the cage 7 years ago and took control. Now i am forced to face certain facts germane to being a sissy bride, the property of Mistress Cassie - Her sissy.

i've posted on a number of occasions, with captions, about this topic:

And, here i am again. i sent Mistress Cassie the only key to my best cock cage lock long ago. The time has come for me to put that lock on. Whenever Mistress says, so it will be.

i'm still resisting doing it on my own, but either way, it;'s going on. The only question now is when. She can make it sooner than later, and at this point, Mistress would actually be putting me out of my misery to lock me up long term. The misery of the cage itself doesn't compare to my pressing, obsessive  need for Her, the locked cage - and more femminization.

sissy maid diame

Is it time to visit Mistress Cassie's sissy confessional?

It's possible that i haven't been a good sissy these past few months. All of that training from Mistress Cassie and all of that useless resistance. Maybe the time is at hand for a trip to Her confessional...........

Hmmmmm...............that would mean undoing some bad habits.

sissy maid diane

Tranny of the day

sissy maid diane

That 'Special' Escort - Guest caption

sissy maid diane

Other sissies in the cock cage club

sissy maid diane

When The Mistress takes matters in hand

Oh, my!

sissy maid diane

Friday, August 22, 2014

my (pressing) long term caging fantasy

After many hundreds of hours caged by Mistress Cassie, there's one thing i've never done. i've never been able to cum while caged. This GIF is proof that it's possible. It would, undoubtedly, take long term caging to get to this state. While Mistress has agreed to take the cage out of my routine in favor of paid masturbation fees, that doesn't mean that all of that past training didn't stick - permanently. i still frequently think about Mistress Cassie caging me again, and i can't help but wonder about that key She has (the only key) to my best lock. The lock just sits in my drawer, and the key rests with Mistress.

This is a fantasy that is growing in intensity. Every day it becomes a more pressing issue.  i'm afraid that it is approaching physical and psychological need. i'm close to asking Mistress Cassie to cage me long term, to use that lock only She has the key to.............

Yes, i'm getting aroused as i write thinking about Mistress caging me long term, maybe until i give similar proof of cumming while caged - no matter how long it takes. i can always dream. And, as Mistress Cassie has proven many times, She can always make sissy dreams come true.

sissy maid diane

Retro Pin Up Girl

sissy maid diane

Pretty sissy presentation

sissy maid diane

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Anything goes when a sissy sucks Mistress' strap on

i often fantasize about Mistress Cassie & Her strap on & She has often reminded me of the power that Her strap on represents. Here's a sissy wearing a bra & sucking the strap on. While in this position, anything goes. Anything Mistress wants....................

sissy maid diane