Monday, January 30, 2012

Double strap on fun

What could be abetter scenario for a sissy than submitting to the strap on? Submitting to two, of course.

sissy maid diane

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thawing out the cage

Well, after nearly three weeks of being free of the cage i caved in early this morning. i was free to masturbate while my cage was frozen away in a mug full of ice. Free to masturbate!

Alas, only temporarily free. The long term prognosis for real freedom from the cage isn't good. i was having trouble sleeping last night and finally succumbed to that nagging need for caging.

As i thawed the frozen mug as quickly as possible with very hot water, my excitement and longing grew. So did my clitty.

It didn't take long to thaw it out and took much less time to come. The cage went on under my see through pink panties.

 i'm kinda embarrassed to admit that i didn't have any problem sleeping after the cage was back on. Back where it belongs, it seems.

Oh, my....................

sissy maid diane

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The reluctant sissy

These young Women entertained a LOT of male quests at Their party last night.

sissy maid diane

cuckold sissy caption

Here's some Saturday morning capping fun.

sissy maid diane

Friday, January 27, 2012

cock cage on ice

While i'm a little under the weather, my cock cage is under a small block of ice. i'm not sure why Mistres had me freeze it, but for now anyway, i'm free to masturbate without caging.

On Wednesday though, my hard clitty in my yellow panties seeemed to want what's in that mug.

There's just something about those cuckold Wednesday's. Oh, my!

sissy maid diane

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Feeling poorly, but still a submissive

i had a spell in the hospital last week and will be recovering at home for a while. Forget the details, it's too depressing. i'll survive, and i'm pretty sure i'll still be a subbie.  :o)

sissy maid diane

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A timely sissy caption

Let's see now, Mistress like for me to moan during sessions with Her. She has given me a good does of 'feeling' Her strap on in recent sessions. And, there's this whole thing about sucking cock that i have to deal with.

Yes, i would characterize this as a timely caption that sums recent events up quite nicely.

sissy maid diane

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Learning sissy humility, the hard way

Well, for those of you wondering what in the world happened to compel Mistress Cassie to post Her January 7 remarks - here its is.

During an IM session late Thursday into Early Friday morning, i was stressing out about a work issue and a big meeting to come on Friday evening. Mistress was capably playing the role of advisor, and i ultimately talked to Her on the phone as well. All good.

Mistress was giving me good advice while patiently listening. This is exactly what separates Her from most in Her profession - i think. It's not just about phones sex, sissy training and control. She brings a lot more to the table than that. When She plays the role of advisor, She's giving me the experience of a successful Woman's perspective on a problem that is insightful in two ways. One is just that - a different perspective, a different angle, a Female interpretation of what the right path is for me to take when a complex problem is at hand.

The second value of what's She's doing is actually a form of long term feminization. Real feminization is more than wearing panties and sucking cock. It's ultimately about feelings and thought process. i love the feel of nylon panties. But after wearing them all day every day, i slowly, surely begin to feel for feminine. One is an outward joy and feeling. Nylon material against my male genitalia is very nice indeed. Over time, another feeling, an inside feeling is growing under Mistres' tutelage.

i doubt that i'll ever have sexual reassignment surgery. i'll aways have male genitals. They belong top Mistress now, and that's the difference. i am a male who is becoming a Female, one step at a time. From the outside in.

When i back pedal & make a mistake like i did early Friday morning, Mistress has to take swift action. i was being arrogant, and was literally asking for Her to exert her Authority. Why would i do that? i could explain it like this - when She was counselling me the other night, my love for Her was overwhelming me. everything She does brings me closer to Her. When i'm feeling overwhelmed, i can make a mistake, and i did.

Here's just a part of the IM exchange, a small part:

pettimaid (1/6/2012 1:14:50 AM): You're killing me here. Show Your real Power. Leave more comments, use Your admin rights and post on my blog to Your delight. i live to please You. Have some fun! You just gave me 30 minutes, get Your ROI, Mistress Cassie. Use me, please............
Cassie_jones16.src%3Dpg (1/6/2012 1:15:30 AM): dont ever fear you won't be used....
Cassie_jones16.src%3Dpg (1/6/2012 1:18:14 AM):  I am just doing alot of reading here... this must be the best sissy blog on the web.
Cassie_jones16.src%3Dpg (1/6/2012 1:18:17 AM): go to bed.

Now, this may just a sample, but when She said 'Go to bed', i should have listened. i didn't LISTEN. She had already sessioned me, counseled me, during an earlier IM session and a phone session. During the 2nd IM session, She did what i asked Her to do, She looked at my blog. She complimented it and left comments. No sissy could ask any more from a Mistress.


pettimaid (1/6/2012 1:21:13 AM): You should see my ranking on web searches. It's unbelievable how high my site anks on some searhes that compete with pay sites that i recognize. i'm a fucking sissy rock star!

There you have it. What an idiot! It took Her about 30 seconds to post and exert Her authority!

THIS IN NOT mY BLOG!!!!!! If i belong to Mistress Cassie, and i do, this blog also belongs to Her, and it does. i'm a sissy for sure, Mistress Cassie's sissy. i am NOT a rock star, She is.

Well, now i've got to deal with Her post and the ramifications. i'll have to find a way to appease Her. i will have to pay the price for learning - once and for all - real humility.

Much more to come on this - obviously.

sissy maid diane

Friday, January 6, 2012

sissy diane will be entertaining  gentleman callers  all during the months of  January and February.
If you want your dick sucked by a trained sissy,     post here, or email   sissy maid diane.  

Lets see,  how many cocks can she suck before the end of  February?

I am going to say  5 realistically,  but  I would love to see a score of at least a dozen.

Mistress Cassie.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cross dressing delight

Now here's a picture i really enjoyed. This really looks like fun! These two cross dressers take things very seriously indeed. This being blue panty Tuesday for me, i might say that i can relate to the miss in blue. i really like her outfit and it's clear that she's just recently shaved. yes, lovely lingerie, and smooth nylon clad legs. Very inviting!

Being as i'm a 'giver' by nature i would happily trade places with the miss in black. It's what i've been trained to do, after all. And what a lovely package that resides under those blue panties. They both seem to be enjoying the moment, as did i when i first laid eyes on it.

Nice, very nice.

sissy maid diane

Monday, January 2, 2012

sissy strap on fascination

my fascination with the strap on has been rekindled of late. After my last session with Mistress Cassie it has been on my mind. i got a real ear full of Mistress giving me the business while i sucked Her lover's cock.

i recall a long time interest in this subject. Below is scan from an old copy of Club magazine that i happened to think of today. It's kinda worn (the cover is long gone) and there's no date, but i believe it's from the early 90"s. Let's say 20 years ago. i was married at the time, and D'x was not how'd i'd describe that relationship. i cross dressed in secret, and had secret magazines.

The ad is quite small, on a page in the back of the magazine with 12 other phone sex ads. But the impact wasn't small. i secretly masturbated to this ad, wanting to become Her girlfriend. Wanting Her to make me Her girlfriend.

The girdle has a lot to do with my cross dressing roots. This scanned ad form years ago has a lot to do with my interest in Female domination. And what better way for a Female to show Her domination?

sissy maid diane