Saturday, October 25, 2014

Starting a new life, still a sissy

Well, i've moved & i'm now over 100 miles from where i grew up and lived all my life. It's a big change and i'm still unpacking. During the move, i got rid of quite a few sissy things. i've downsized in more ways than one.

But a lot of my lingerie and shoes made the move. While this would logically have been an opportunity to escape my enslavement to Mistress Cassie, that remains to be seen. Her hold on mne is very strong.

When She says that i'm Her property, She means it. And when She says it's forever, well, She means exactly that as well. Sometimes i think that Mistress' inactivity on Her blog (and this one) means that i can resist Her indefinitely. But past history suggests that She can change that in a blink. She knows, and i know, that She can pull me back into Her grasp whenever it pleases Her to do so.

For now, i am concentrating on my new environment and getting adjusted. For now, i can resist more feminization.

For now......

sissy maid diane

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sissy maid diane