Friday, November 29, 2013

The flowered (fruit) panty assignment

One of the requirments of being the property of Mistress Cassie is to complete Her many sissy assignments. She gave me this one earlier this year. It was originally to shop (in store) for a pair of panties with fruit on them & then do a picture post wearing them.

i looked in dozens of store at hundreds of panties to no avail. They were easy to find on line, but in a store - not so much. Finally, Mistress allowed me to buy panties with a flower design. Unfortulately, i am only getting a 75% completion grade on this one. i beleive the real intent was to be at store fondling many pairs of panties, just like any Woman might. i did plenty oif that, but i don't like getting an incomplete on any assignment from Mistress Cassie.

So, while i am once again shaved, dressed, and taking pictures, i will continue to shop for the elusive fruit panties. Tis the Season to shop, so who knows? Maybe i'll get lucky and will complete the assignment properly at some future date.

For today, i am feeling girlier than ever. i wore a green pair of 'Property of Mistress Cassie' panties, a green bra, green slip and thigh highs to bed last night. This morning i masturbated as i woke up in most excited state. As is also required, i dutifully put on the cock cage, which was on for this shoot and is still on.  Maybe another session with Mistress this evening is in order...........

At the end of the day, another assignment is done (for now). One thing is for certain, Mistress alsways has plenty of sissy assignments ready for me and all of her sissies. It is a very important part of my ongoing feminization training, and She has a renmarkable imagination..

So, there will be more to come...

sissy maid diane

Monday, November 18, 2013

A return to feminization and the Marilyn Monroe assignment

It is long overdue, but i have returned to the feminization path. i have returned to Mistress Cassie. Her post this weekend was the catalyst, but my constant aching for dressing again was becoming a pressing problem.

Too long in a hairy, most certainly unfeminine state, i now return to a soft, silky, girly world. Per Mistress' instructions, i shaved and polished my nails today.

 There is absolutely no substitute for the feeling of nylon caressing freshly shaved legs. So feminine. And just the act of applying nail polish again was such girly fun!

 the Marilyn Monroe from Mistress assignment dates back to earlier this year. Yes, it was due in August - i've been a bad girl indeed.

I can't do justice to the great Marilyn Monroe, of course. She remains an American Icon, with Her enduring, timeless sexuality. No, I can't compete on any level with that, except to experience the fun of trying to emulate what She represents. It's all about feeling like a Woman. Once I was shaved and polished I applied make up, dressed and applied perfume. i was ready for Mistress.


my session with Her this afternoon was the first in months. Oh, how I've missed Her! Oh, how diane has missed Her! What wonderful Mistress to sissy conversation we had. The sound of Her voice is exciting and hypnotic. It all took a sudden change of direction when She stated to get me going about being Her sissy, forever trapped by Her. When She suddenly said I'd be caged for 3 days following the session, i came quite unexpectedly, and it was very powerful. Yes, She is amazing.

So, I am back to a proper feminine state, and I am caged once again.

As Mistress pointed out this afternoon:
"Be careful what you wish for is forever".

Yes it is Mistress.

sissy maid diane

Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's time for a Sissy Make Over!

Well Diane,   
I want to see you all prettied up!

And, I am sure your blog readers want to see you whipped back into shape!   

  • shaved
  • polished
  • made up
  • dressed
  • perfumed

Those are just a few of the requirements!

Mistress Cassie