Thursday, July 28, 2011

Maid Diane Trained Sissy

I am pleased to announce to the world that sissymaid diane is a trained sissy. In other words, this sissy girl is trained and feminized. What this means is all the rest of you silly (slutty) sissies can look to diane to see where you are going.

Of course, I have more plans for diane. Having a wonderful sissy wardrobe, beautiful sissy tits, a dildo to suck and a cage to wear is only the beginning.

sissy diane is a trained sissy, however, she has a long road ahead of her to become a trained cuckold. Becoming a cuckold is a natural progression for a slut like diane. I know she really, and I mean REALLY wants to be on her knees sucking My lover's cock. I know she would be at My bedroom door on a moments notice (give or take a few minutes for airline scheduling)

sissy diane is free to continue playing her beloved picture game, wearing her beautiful lingerie, tits, and beloved cage as she likes.

What is new for sissy diane is on My Command, no, My Demand, she will be put on her knees, sucking cock ( while her little clitty is caged) and learning to put her own excited little clitty on DENIAL. I will send My little cuckold diane messages and instructions when the time comes. This 'schedule' will be based on My real time life as unpredictable and exciting as that is.

Also, as you all know, Wednesday is yellow panties day. Friday is green panties day. I will be adding to the panty schedule over the rest of the summer. I want my little pretty army of sissies to wear their colourful panty uniforms in order!

Thursday (today) is my favourite PINK panties day. Are you in pink?

Mistress Cassie

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Mistress Cassie has laid a couple of terms on me this week that have me in total frenzy now. During Monday's IM session it was 'schedule', and today She left a comment. a short one, that says it all really, especially one word - 'Pussified'.

i don't think you'll find that one in Wikipedia, but i know very well what it means. Yes, i've been Pussified by Mistress Cassie.

sissy maid diane

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Scheduling the sissy

So, after a month away from even an IM session with Mistress Cassie last night i enjoyed an IM session with Her. Here is an excerpt:

cassie_jones16.src%3Dpg: so diane,  are you ready for your femmy session?
pettimaid: i have some concerns about 'balance'
pettimaid: But i'm getting to the point that i'm ready, because i cannot live without You.
cassie_jones16.src%3Dpg: talk to Me about balance.. what  is on your mind?
pettimaid: You have some history of consuming me. Just look at the volume of pics from the old blog.
pettimaid: You are on my mind though.
pettimaid: Frequently..........
cassie_jones16.src%3Dpg: diane,  you have some talent  with schedules..  make a schedule  that includes  balance
pettimaid: Hmmmm. That's sounds good. But You tend to get me out of balance, there's no scheduling that!
cassie_jones16.src%3Dpg: I think we can start with a schedule.
pettimaid: Okay. What schedule did You have in mind?
pettimaid: Friday is green panty of the week day.
pettimaid: Just a thought. i have a presentation  in front of The Board tomorrow evening, A very long day............
cassie_jones16.src%3Dpg: call Me on Wednesday
pettimaid: Oh, Yellow Dotw panty day - Crunch day. But i'll be in green....
cassie_jones16.src%3Dpg: green and yellow,  like a  flower
cassie_jones16.src%3Dpg: yellow panties, with  everything else green
cassie_jones16.src%3Dpg: lol ...    pretty little  daisy diane

The bottom line is that i am now scheduled for a phone session with Mistress tomorrow night. What never ceases to amaze me is how She gets to me with seemingly innocuous statements that She comes up with so easily. After i expressed my concerns about getting consumed by Her with my upcoming reintroduction to femming, She simply comes back with the word schedule.

i just can't help myself. The word is innocent enough, but it got my attention right away. That's all it takes with Mistress. A word. Since last night i have thought about being scheduled - a lot. Will all of my sessions be scheduled from now on, scheduled to meet Her convenience? Will She be scheduling me for other things? Will i end up with a masturbation schedule, a caging schedule, a girdle schedule, a series of 'pleasing Mistress' schedules?

Oh, my! my chastity is a factor in my obsessing so, as is my too long being away from Her influence. Balance will be difficult, but we'll see what happens starting tomorrow night.

i've been scheduled.

sissy maid diane

Monday, July 25, 2011

sissy chastity and feminization clarity

i think a certain amount of clarity has suddenly hit me about Mistress, chastity, porn and what it all means. After posting about the lovely Monica, something dawned on me. A thought worth sharing, i think. After so many years of cross dressing, fantasizing about being controlled by a Dominant Female, and generally being in denial - along comes Mistress Cassie.

Yes, i just posted about the lovely Monica, and there have been countless other Women in pictures and quite a few in the flesh. But only One has been able to accomplish the one real important thing. Only One has taken me beyond fantasizing, beyond gazing at pictures and cross dressing.

That One, Mistress Cassie has given me rare insights into real feminization that has transcended even my own considerable imagination. She has crafted a plan, a long, patient plan to make me finally understand what it feels like to be Female - for real. i am and have for years been very familiar with the feel of lingerie. Its silky allure has always been irresistible to me.

But now it's all so real. When i dress now, i feel like a Woman, and i've come to experience emotions that i've never known before, and i think few men ever do. It has taken even an accomplished professional like Mistress years to bring me to this state of awareness. The best looking Women on the Internet cannot begin to approach this accomplishment. i still love looking at Them, but now as role models. The one real love i have captioned about previously:

Yes, and now my latest addition to my own caps regarding Mistress Cassie:

sissy maid diane

my all time favorite sissy caption

Yes, this my my all time favorite caption. It pretty much covers everything i fantasize about as a sissy, and then some. In the foreground is (in my opinion) the incomparable Monica Miller (well incomparable as a porn Model - no Woman can be compared to Mistress Cassie).

Monica has such a well proportioned figure and this shoot (which i found after an exhaustive Internet search) is one of my favorites overall.

Here's one that's been featured here before that i never get tired of:

Those legs. It's inspirational for a sissy like me to look at the perfect smooth sexy legs. i have caged numerous times after viewing Monica.

While Mistress Cassie would surely dispatch of any real Woman love interest in my life ( She has already done so), She is not threatened by images like these. i am the one at risk when i view such images.

Some may remember my old blog post & references to 'the picture game', which i still play - all too often. sissies do like to play games. Without boring readers too much, i basically hold a favorite picture in front of my face and blindly scroll down through my sissy picture folder & if that picture comes up, i am obligated tp perform some pre arranged act. Like buying more lingerie, or caging. There are always multiple pics of my favs and of course, none more so than those of Mistress. Usually the Mistress pics are bonus turns that ultimately lead me to the targeted pic of the day. i save Her images for the phone sessions and biggest moments.

Models like Monica just get me into vulnerable positions, sort of doing the leg work (so to speak) so that Mistress can do the real femming during sessions with Her.

Well, i'm at it again. Last week after i ordered the green bra, i decided that a period of chastity was in order before i called Mistress & resumed my femming by Her. Chastity makes me more receptive to what Mistress has in store for me * as She once said "makes me more eager to please Her".

i am getting more eager by the moment. It has been a week since i last masturbated & i have been playing the pic game with Monica and losing. Now i am into day 3 of chastity caging, this after 4 days of abstinence. i am approaching a state of sissy frenzy now. The latest deal with the devilish Monica is there will be no escaping the cage until just before i call Mistress. No call, no release. Naturally the call will end with a return to the cage and a return to feminzation training by Mistress. Interestingly, Mistress Cassie is easier on me with cage time than Monica, which is ironic. But Monica, and other such nubile Beauties, play a rather small role in my feminization, She's really just a fluffer for Mistress, the Real Deal is Mistress Cassie. There's no game playing with Her.

Oh, my. What's a gurl to do?

sissy maid diane

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Celebrating International Femdom Day

It's International Femdom Day!

i didn't even know such a special day was set aside for celebration, i thought every day was Femdom Day. But, there it is and i must say it's a Holiday that deserves much more attention. At least i think so. i saw this on a great blog that i follow:

As an established submissive in a D/s relationship - here's to Femdom!

sissy maid diane

A summer's day sissy walk in the woods

i really do like my new green bra and silicone breast forms. What better way to enjoy them than to go green - outdoors. It's very, very hot here in the east, but i managed a short walk along the edge of my neighborhood. There's a neighbor's yard in the background that's much closer than it appears. i was standing on the property line.Fortunately i wasn't busted for trespassing. :o)

Yes, i know i'm wearing boy stuff too. But i have on my green bra, my green panties, a black waist cincher and my cage.

Mistress has called me back to feminization training, and wants me in green. i am still building up the nerve to call Her, (it's been so long) but it won't be much longer now.

sissy maid diane

A sissy lingerie caption

This is my favorite new caption, once again borrowed form i just love the lingerie ensembles that these Women are showcasing.  The sweet details of the white bra in particular get my attention. But the bras, the panties, garter belts, stockings - all so wonderful.

The caption is great too,of course. An especially nice ending.

sissy maid diane

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The fascination with silicone sissy breasts and answering the call to service

Yes, the last post here was by none other than Mistress Cassie Herself. i have been summoned back to Her, to servitude to Her and for more of Her feminization training. Of course, i'll answer the call, the bell, it's just a matter of when now.

Mistress wants me in green, green for go. One thing lacking in my extensive sissy wardrobe is green bras. When i saw Her post, i browsed on line for a green bra and found one. It's an instant favorite of mine already. i love the material, the lace and most of all i love the way it encases my new silicone breasts, a 'c' cup set of silicone breast forms. 

After i had purchased a set of 'h' cup forms a couple of years ago, i became instantly obsessed with them. Here are some pics i took with those big tits. But the manufacturer warned against sleeping in them and it was rare that i did so. They were too big, if that's possible for a sissy. These 'c' cups are another matter.

i found a number of bras that were quite a nice fit for them in my existing collection. Since, i've been adding a few. Then i found myself wearing the forms and bra to bed, eventually every night. Until the green bra arrived this week, i was in love with a blue Bali Satin Tracings bra. i have three more of that particular bra on the way in different colors. But this green bra is to die for. Between the Bali bra and this green sweetie, i now spend more than half of every day wearing a 'filled' bra. Every night when i get home until i wake up the next morning.

This is much more serious than the big tits. These are more proportionate to my body size & type. i can't get enough. Soon, when i return to service to Mistress, i may end up begging to keep these silicone wonders as external breasts. There's no telling what i might do for Mistress to avoid permanent implants now. This is the price for staying away so long. It has been a month since my last IM session with Her, and months since the last sissy training phone session. 

i have the bra on now as well as the cage. i am in self imposed chastity, saving myself for Her. And the frenzy intensifies as i try to resist reentry into the world of feminization - Mistress Cassie's world. Resistance is futile, i know this, Mistress knows this, Mistress knows i know that She knows, etc. etc. i am playing with my tits and my pretty, feminine green bra right now. And, i am playing with fire.

 The next round of feminization could be much, much deeper. It will be up to Mistress Cassie how deep.

sissy maid diane

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jingle Jingle Jingle Ding Ding Ding

Do you hear that, diane?

Do you hear Me ringing the sissy bell?

Oh yes, just like in the video, I am ringing the little bell... It is time to resume your training.

you will wear something in green. green for go. something very sexy.
you will have your dildo ready.
and your cage.

Mistress Cassie

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The sissy maid video

While i was reliving the session videos with Mistress Cassie, i happened to come across another video. This one is of me as a sissy maid. Yes, sissy maid diane. Mistress had me buy a serving tray and practice balancing the tray in one hand with wine glasses aboard. Just like a properly trained sissy maid should be trained. Near the beginning, the sound of the bell indicates Mistress summoning Her sissy and informing the sissy that Male guests would soon be arriving.

The sissy maid was required to light candles, prepare wine, and ultimately greet the visitors. i was left to my imagination as to what might have happened next. A sissy maid is always at her Mistresses beck and call. Whether it's serving Mistress Herself, or guests, the sissy maid must be prepared for ANY eventuality. It's all about pleasing Mistress. In this case when guests are arriving, the Mistress can never be embarrassed by any hint that Her sissy maid has not been properly trained.

And here it is, all, of it. Just a one parter, this video. And, i must admit i remember having so much fun with this one, so in 'my element'. It was real because Mistress had be train for it, film it & post it. If only it could be real with Mistress and Her guests actually in the room. Oh my - a sissy can only dream...................

sissy maid diane

A phone session video with the Hypnotic Mistress Cassie - Part 4

Here's the last installment of my video phone session with Mistress Cassie. Like all sessions it ends with me caging for Her. Yes, She allows me release during the sessions, great orgasms that draw me closer to Her and  
Her desire that i become more and more a sissy, more of a female more feminine, more and more under Her control.

The cage goes on, the lock clicks and the plastic prison is on for a period determined by Mistress, A clear indication of Who is in Control. Like my panty training, i have been cage trained by Mistress.

sissy maid diane

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A phone session video with the Hypnotic Mistress Cassie - Part 3

Then, there was part 3 of the phone session with my Mistress, Mistress Cassie. The topic changes with each session, although some things are repeated - often. The result though is always the same. The Mistress gets Her sissy into a frenzy, and lets the little sissy cum. There is usually another sissy assignment attached, or at least some reaffirmation of my gurliness and Her Control over me. The sessions are key in my femming. i cannot resist Her, that voice Her manner, what's She's saying & how She says it. It overwhelming.

There is another element in my phone sessions with Mistress. That will be on display in the final part, part 4. The sessions always end with me just a little more feminized and of course, caged.

sissy maid diane

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A phone session video with the Hypnotic Mistress Cassie - Part 2

Well, here's part two of the phone session video with Mistress Cassie. i was wearing my new cotton print panty and bra set. As i've said before i prefer nylon and sometimes satin. But these cotton panties do have a nice feel and sheen to them. At the end of the day, Mistress can get me excited wearing anything, or nothing.

The audio comes nowhere near doing Her incredible Voice justice. i was getting real excited by the end this clip. But She wasn't done yet..............

More to 'cum'.

sissy maid diane

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A phone session video with the Hypnotic Mistress Cassie - Part 1

A long while back, Mistress Cassie sent me a recording, a hypnotic recording. It runs about 21 minutes long. i have listened to it many, many times.
Whether my phone sessions with Her are specifically hypnosis sessions or regular feminization sessions, She is always hypnotic. It's all about Control, the Mistress/sissy realtionship. And with Mistress Cassie, that amazing Voice cannot be denied. And, there's no doubt Who's in Control.

This is part one of a session i recorded and posted on my previous blog in early 2010. There are 3 more parts.

So, watch and listen to the amazing Mistress Cassie as She gives little sissy diane a sesssion and another dose of feminization. Soon  enough i'll session with Her again and this new blog will have new femming content.

sissy maid diane

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pondering the cock cage

Here's a caption from my old blog. Yes, even though i was given the opportunity to discard the cock cage by Mistress some time ago - i still own it. Sometimes i think it owns me. i don't have it on often thses days, but i still think about it & what it represents. Mistress has caged me so many times now, it's as inescapable as She is.

The time is drawing near when i will once again be undergoing continuing femizatiob training by Mistress. The twelve step program for re-indoctrination is on my mind, just like the cage. Step one was innocuous enough, She simply chose my panty color one day a week or so ago. Red.

i don't know what the next 11 steps will be, but i'll be hearing #2 soon enough. i'll be finding out waht role the cage will play soon enough as well.

sisssy maid diane