Thursday, February 28, 2013

Maid Diane - the role model

Hello sissies!
I am just popping on here to remind Diane that she is a sissy roll model!  How exciting it must be to think that not only are guys jerking off to diane's sexy sissy pics,  and   gurls drooling and rubbing their pussies over the hot captions and heartfelt account of feminization,  BUT there are also many new sissies aspiring to be feminized just like diane!

I received a call today from lexi who wants to be feminized just like diane.    I know many of My callers follow diane's posts and have even become gurlfriends!     It reminds me of a bunch of girls hanging out, sharing dirty secrets, gossip and fashion tips.    What fun.

So,  let's celebrate this.  March has a couple of special days coming up.  March 17 is St. Partick's Day - lets have a special  green photo shoot for that.   My birthday is March 25,  and I want a Birthday Cake.   Diane,  I know you cook,  but this time, you can make and decorate a cake,  complete with candles for Me.

Have fun Diane,
have fun sissies!

Mistress Cassie

Painted nails, caged cock

sissy maid diane

Kneeling to the Power of Pussy

This is a proper vantage point for a sissy.

sissy maid diane

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pussy Patrol (Control)

It's funny how 'patrol' and 'control' rhyme. Even when braless. Hmmmm....

sissy maid diane

Another sissy goes braless

See - braless works!

sissy maid diane

So supple - so Angelic!

Oh, Alison.............

sissy maid diane

PS - She's not wearing a bra

A sissy dressed caged, bound and fucked by strap on

This sissy is wearing a corset (not a bra).

sissy maid diane

A sissy Alison Angel'd

Geeez, i have got to address my porn addiction. A certain Alison Angel has gotten under my skin lately, big time! Reader's may have noticed that She has been the Model for a number of captions on this blog recently. It all started with a search of images of beautiful Women in bras. Orange is a weakness in my wardrobe. But i have a hard time finding any weakness in Alison. What a Beauty! What a perfect body! She is a Major sissifier FOR SURE.

Alison's not the first porn Goddess that's rocked my world, of course. Monica Miller is a prime Example of Porn Stars past that have been influential in my femming.

Monica's perfect legs are an ongoing (years) femming influence.The rest of Her is impressive as well.

Interestingly, Mistress Cassie is never threatened by these Lovelies. In fact She encourages me to bring them into my world. They are (as i've said here before) a part of Her hierarchy. The latest Officer in Her feminization Army is Alison.

Alison, Monica and these other world class Beauties are musicians in a feminization orchestra. The Conductor, the Maestro is One Mistress Cassie.

So this is it for my bra training series of posts. i'll try to bury the evidence of numerous posts regarding this issue. i'll do it with unrelated captions and posts. Hopefully Mistress is busy femming other sissies right now and won't impose a daily minimum of bra wearing on me.

If She does, well - i can thank Alison Angel for fueling my recent 'bra' fire. She's an Angel all right. But She's kinda devilishly naughty as well!

Oh, my goodness! Where' my plastic pussy & cage??????

sissy maid diane

Panties, girdles, bra's - and nylons? Oh, my!

More femming inspiration.

sissy maid diane

Bra training Helper

How sweet of Alison to help out with my growing need to wear a bra.

sissy maid diane

i wear the bra, She gets off

                               She makes me wear a bra and cock cage. 
                      Her orgasms are much better this way.

sissy maid diane

Hypnotized by bra

sissy maid diane

Embracing the bra

sissy maid diane

Answering the bra bell

sissy maid diane

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013

Bra dreams


More inspiration for sissy bra time today........

sissy maid diane

Sunday, February 24, 2013

More on bra training

Oh, my! So many pretty Women and so many bra's. i'm just trying to weather the storm right now. i wore my 'a' cup white bra today, all day. Including going out to a social event. Fortunately, it's pretty chilly out & i had a heavy shirt on.

Unfortunately for this poor sissy, wearing a bra is becoming an itch - a need. Mistress, as usual could scratch the itch, or make it worse with a word.

Oh, my!

sissy maid diane

Friday, February 22, 2013

When sissy bra conditioning leads to bra trained

i am being conditioned to wear a bra by Mistress Cassie. Among other bra assignments i have been to Macy's for a bra fitting. And i have as considerable collection, and two sets of silicone breast forms.

To me it's interesting that i still fight wearing a regular bra wearing. i go in cycles. Right now i'm in the wear it cycle for sure. It seems like every time i go a couple o\f days without a bra on, the urge to wear grows stronger.

One of the problems with wearing a bra is that it's much harder to hide than wearing panties. Even my one and only 'a' cup bra has some padding and is difficult to wear undetected. Around the house i\s different of course, and when i'm in my current 'need the bra' mode i will sleep in a bra & forms.

i recognize what's going on, i'm being conditioned towards acceptance. And there's nothing i can do about it. Like so many other times, all it would take is a whisper from Mistress and conditioning would change to trained.

It reminds me of the panty training days. At first it was exciting (well, still is) and gradually it became a need. Then, it was a regular every day part of my life. There are no more boy underpants in this house.

Mistress Cassie has Her own agenda and way of doing things. Until now, the less is more approach to my bra training has proved very effective. i can't help but hear Her now:

"Be careful what you wish for....... "

But at moments like this, on days like this, i almost want to beg Her to mandate a bra must be worn every day for at least a part of the day.

Yes, my resistance is wavering.......

sissy maid diane

The welcoming wedding strap on

sissy maid diane

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A sissy dressed & caressed

This has to be at the top of my all time list for porn images. It dates back to the early 80's when i first saw this couple in the great magazine 'Teased, Tormented, Transformed."

It certainly has been an enduring image for me. Long before my femming by Mistress Cassie had begun, i was taken by this scenario. It excited me then and it excites me now - the Dominant Female and the fully aroused male, being victimized and feminized.

Oh, my!

sissy maid diane

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Forced to dress - pictorial

For the first time Mistress Cassie has forced a phone session. From the beginning She has forced me address my lifelong love of lingerie. She has forced the issue, and now the level of my feminization has grown past the point that i ever thought possible.

It's Her femming schedule now. The days of occasionally donning a pair of panties and a slip for masturbation are long gone. Back then i squirrel away my little lingerie stash in shame when i was done. Now i wear panties 24/7 and blog about it.

She firmly guides my feminine development. Her interests become mine. One example was during last night's phone session with Mistress. She gave me a couple of (always interesting) assignments. One is to research and listen to the music of Lana Del Ray. An interesting assignment for sure. She Ms. Del Ray's music on in the background during the session. So, She affects my musical tastes as well.

The other assignment is to start shopping in lingerie store or departments - hands on - for a specific design of panties. No on line purchases for this one. The panties must have fruit or vegetable design on them. Once i find them, i must do a picture post wearing them. i own over 300 pairs of panties, and none qualify. So a new sissy quest begins.

The real message of last night's session was a twist on the St. Valentine's Day phrase 'be mine'. Her message was slightly different.

'You are mine'. 

And so here are pictures of what i was wearing last night. The session peaked when i came into Lililola, and then was caged for 12 hours.

As Valentine's Day approaches, ii dress knowing that i am the property of Mistress Cassie.

sissy maid diane

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A comment from Mistress Cassie

All it takes is a little comment from Mistress. All of my multiple recent captions aside, the post that got Her attention was forced feminization, Her Force. A little comment with big implications.

"Forced to call Me for a session"

And now i am forced to call Her. i may have sessioned after dressing up for this week's post, but now there is no doubt.

i have been summoned - and i will appear.

sissy maid diane

Monday, February 11, 2013

Forced feminization, forced dressing

i live with the force of Mistress Cassie. The ever present need to dress is compelling now. And what better time than now, the season of St. Valentine's Day.

This Woman in red is compelling as well. i'll be dressed and posting by the 14th.

i am forced to............

sissy maid diane

Wearing Her panties.

i got the panties, he got a piece of ass.

sissy maid diane