Monday, August 6, 2012

Artificial pussy - it's a sissy thing

Surely my reader's know by now that i tend to be a little obsessive. Right now i'm obsessing about my new favorite Model - Melody.

She is so sweet! i'm sure that She knows how to satisfy a man.

Of course, i'm also obsessing about plastic, artificial pussy. It's a sissy thing......

sissy maid diane

Plastic pussy caption

While i wait for Mistress to be available for the phone session, i thought i'd have a little caption fun. Captions are always a reflection of what's going on in my sissy mind....

sissy maid diane

sissy career building day

i'm still in a bit of limbo (unemployed) these days, trying to figure out what comes next career wise. As a result, i'm home more often than not.

i was dressed last and ready for Mistress Cassie. Really ready. i stayed up late, but unfortunately i couldn't get through. Perhaps She was out with Her lover...

So, today i woke up with my pretty green nail polish still, along with my green lingerie and thigh highs. Even my makeup still looks pretty good. Unless Mistress is indisposed all day today, i expect that i will finally session with Mistress at some point today. Hopefully earlier than later.

So i've been somewhat negligent in my sissy training dealing with personal career issues. Today will be a sissy career building day. i won't remove my green nail polish or wash off the make up this morning. i'm still about the house in a bra, thigh highs and a half slip.

This afternoon, i'll freshen up in a new gurly outfit and once again prepare for Mistress.

Here;'s a few more pictures i took late last night in the bedroom, waiting for Mistress. i am getting really, really horny. i was warming up with my plastic pussy.

i suspect that Mistress will have a lot of fun with me when the moment cums.....

sissy maid diane

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ready for (re)submission to Mistress Cassie

It has been nearly 7 months now since i last had a phone session with Mistress Cassie. i am ready now - out of time.

All dressed, feeling very gurly and submissive. The sissy that i've become under the tutelage of Mistress. This is how i will present myself to Her. Green is for a green light for Mistress to pussify me even further.

Oh' i'll have my dildo and plastic pussy handy - for sure! And, of course, the cage.

Yes, tonight i will call Mistress. i am ready to resubmit to Her dominance. And the next phase of my feminization will follow..........

sissy maid diane

Friday, August 3, 2012

Getting ready to beg for plastic pussy

i have a feeling that when i session with Mistress Cassie, i'll end up begging for the plastic pussy. i'm starting to get that old 'obsessed' , frenzied feeling. Suddenly i just can't get it (or Her) out of my mind. Just like my first session with Her years ago, when i couldn't bring myself to cage after masturbating. Mistress certainly took care of business on that one! i've caged after every masturbation since.

Unbelievably, after all of these years, i've never come into a masturbation device. i'd say that since i started masturbating that roughly 99.99% percent of the time i was wearing panties, and usually a slip was involved. Nylon on nylon. And i've owned several. Masturbation sleeves, vibrating suction devices and a couple of plastic pussies along the way. But the Fleshlight is different. i think i could actually cum into this thing. If any One can make that happen, that would be Mistress Cassie.

Oh, my!

sissy maid diane

A sissy permanently weaned from real Pussy

It's probably just a matter of hours now, maybe another day at most. I've been in chastity for over a week, frequently caged. the frenzy has reached proportions now where it will be a relief to session with Mistress Cassie in more ways than one. Even though the implications of this session are still very scary to me, the die is cast. i am ready to submit to Her.

Maybe She'll take advantage of my newest toy - i don't know. A plastic Pussy is the closest i'll ever come to the real thing again.

i'll know soon enough what Mistress has in store for me. i just never know with Her. But i'm pretty confident that Mistress won't be instructing me to go out and find some real Pussy.

sissy maid diane

cuckold caption series

Since this lovely Woman first got my attention the other day and i posted 'the cage gauge' i thought i put together a cuckold caption series featuring Her.

It's been a while since i got a cuckold lesson from Mistress Cassie. i remember the last one well, and i'm not in any particular hurry for another. However, i still associate yellow Wednesday panty day with cuckolding. And like it or not, it still remains as part of my training.

So, two days after my Wednesday yellow panties hit the laundry, i'm still aware that i am a cuckold on call for Mistress Cassie.

sissy maid diane

Girdles and a Woman's breasts, building blocks for femming

A few years ago now, Mistress Cassie came into my life and trained me to be Her sissy. Long before that however, i was influenced a number of things that ultimately made me more vulnerable to Her feminization.

Two of the earliest influences, during puberty, were girdles and Female breasts. As i watched my Female classmates bodies develop, i also got peeks of their undies, often girdles, while in school. my goodness, that was a long time ago. And i was getting schooled all right.

The seeds of Female domination and my own submissive nature were being sewn back then. Mistress Cassie is reaping the benefits now.

Yes, i came across this photo today and those days long ago when it all started. i've always associated masturbation with not only the Female anatomy, but with the lingerie that these lovely Creatures adorn. Make no mistake about it, i associate the Female breast with nurturing. And what item of lingerie is more appropriate to symbolize control than a girdle?

Mistress Cassie provides all of my nurturing now, its just spelled T R A I N I N G

sissy maid diane

Olympic class nail polish - a sissy's perspective.

When i session with Mistress Cassie i may recommend that She conduct a sissy Olympics. i'd like to compete for a gold medal for Her!

Yes, we're well into the 2012 Summer Olympics. i've always loved the Olympics and Olympians. It's admirable how much work and training goes into being the best in the world. It makes me want to aspire to be the best sissy i can be!

So, there's no question that my perspective since the 2008 Olympics has changed. Let's take swimming for example. It's hard not to admire the beautifully athletic form of Female swimmers. Sublime.

While in years past i admired their trim, finely tuned bodies, something else has caught my attention this year. i'm quite sure that prior to my considerable femming by Mistress that i would not have noticed (besides the swim suits) - NAIL POLISH!

Oh my!

Back in 2008 i had never had a manicure or pedicure. And i had never sessioned with Mistress Cassie. Now, many pedicures and manicures later, i see things differently. i am now a painted sissy and i now appreciate the Femaleness of nail polish - and, of Olympic class nails.

Another example of just how pussified that i've become. What's a sissy to do? i'm sure that Mistress will explain my new perspective on things in the next session. Soon to come.......

sissy maid diane

Thursday, August 2, 2012

' The cage gauge' - a sissy update.

Last year, when i was posting more often, i used to feature an occaisional 'cage gauge' post. That would be a situation when i happenec to be surfing for appealing images while in my cock cage. When something got my attention & filled the cage, i would share.

Here's a lovely young Woman who filled my cage today.

She seems happy that She got filled as well. As usual, the eye contact was a killer for me. i'll just be that much more excited for Mistress this weekend. The cage may be full, but it's still on.

Oh, my goodness.

sissy maid diane

Dealing with real pussification

So, now reality is really setting in. It's early Thursday a.m., pink panty day. i'm getting ready for bed. i've put the cage on, i'm wearing an H Cup bra with my huge breast forms. i'm wearing my pink 'Property of Mistress Cassie' panties. This will be my nighty night wear.

it's been a week since i've orgasmed. That may not sound like much to some, but it's a lot considering the week i've had. A life time. The cage just makes me hornier. Shaved and painted once again, posting once again. Coming to grips with my pussification by Mistress Cassie - again. Forever is well, forever. Permanent. Inescapable.

i'm more fixed than ever on Mistress. And it'scares me. i haven't had a phone session with Her since January.  But i have made a commitment not to cum until i do session with Mistress. That means that with each passing day i get into more of a frenzy, and will ultimately be that much more eager to please Her. i'll be that much more vulnerable to Her power. Her amazing power - Pussy power.

The shaving, the painted nails, the dressing, the post. That's lining the pusssifiactio domino's up. They wills start falling with a flick of Mistress Cassie's finger.

As She's reminded me often, i'm the pussy now. i've been permanently pussified. It's really not that easy dealing with being owned. But it's just a matter of time now. time for Mistress Cassie to pick up where She left off. More sissification waits for me - and more pussification.

sissy maid diane