Friday, March 18, 2016

Blow job memories - sucking cock for Mistress Cassie

Since 2008, i have been undergoing feminization by Mistress Cassie. Not long into the process Mistress had me start a blog as a sissy assignment. The idea was to have an online diary of sorts tracking my progress under Her tutelage. i embraced the idea and populated the blog pages with results of sissy assignments from Mistress, complete with photo's of me as diane.

Ultimately i added features like captions and favorite porn pics. But this blog is not the original! In 2008 until 2011, the original blog was established. Google decided to take it down in 2011, for reasons still a mystery to me.

Soon after it's removal, i started this second blog. My first posts were a collection old photo's i had saved. Thankfully! All of the original posts were lost. Of the many post that i wish still existed, none meant more to me than a post about giving my first (and only) blow job for Mistress Cassie.

Some months before this break through event, Mistress had assigned me to suck cock. i put out ads on places like & looking for men who were interested in sissy cross dressers. i made it clear that i was a submissive sissy, being trained by a Mistress, and wanted a cock to suck. Ultimately, i made contact with a number of men, most notably "J".

It was now 2009, and after several chat sessions with J i invited him over to my house. These first pictures, taken by J were in my living room.

This was still relatively early on in my training and aren't really must among my favorite pics. i got better at my 'look' as mt training progressed in years to come. But this was a very exciting evening and it was wonderful having someone there to take pictures. i only wish he had taken more!

J was an extremely nice guy and patient. He was very understanding about what i was doing and was very gracious about taking pictures.

After these initial pics and some conversation, i got a little more flirty - interested in getting him going:

 i lifted my skirt and gave him a peek underneath. i still have these panties - and everything else!

Soon after this moment, it was into my bedroom. Again, J was very cooperative about the picture taking, even though there were only two in the bedroom. i wish there were many more. Sigh

But here i am - sucking cock for Mistress Cassie:

Wow! i have been a lifetime cross-dresser and fantasized for years about submitting to a Dominant Female, but i never ever thought i'd actually suck a cock. And i swallowed. All for Mistress Cassie. She has taken me places i never imagined.

Finally, being a well trained sissy,Mistress Cassie taught me proper sissy etiquette. i wrote J a thank you note before he left.

Later that night i was sessioned by Mistress Cassie by phone. It was the first time that She called me Her sissy cock sucker. And when i had cum for Her and She had me in my cock cage, She coo'd "Good girl"It was delicious.

There were a number of close 'blow job' calls after that, but i was stood up more than once. Men!!!!

But that one blow job will never be undone and i have no regrets. It was the single biggest lesson in feeling like a Woman that i have ever received. And after all, wasn't that the point?

i am so aroused right now, reliving that night and seeing the pics again. It would be so easy for Mistress Cassie to put me right back on the feminization path, To summon me to Her. So easy.................

sissy maid diane