Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Feminine feelings

i learned a long time ago that wearing lingerie feels good. It's cool to the touch, silky and sweet.

It took training from Mistress Cassie to feel something besides the material when i wear lingerie - which is often.

Under Her tutelage, i have learned to feel feminine when wearing lingerie. Well, for that matter, i feel feminine period. There's a big difference between feeling the lingerie and feeling feminine.

Naturally i'd like to look like this Model wearing Her pretty lingerie. That's not going to happen, but thanks to Mistress i have a better understanding of how She feels. And my feminization journey continues........

sissy maid diane


  1. It is lovely... as is she, one of my faves!
    But you're right... we are learning so much more about being femme, and it's great!
    Hugs, Sara

    1. i'm gald you enjoyed seeing Her. Soooo femme, and yes i'm getting there more & more.

  2. My new panty and bra buy at Macy's downtown DC has increased my collection of lingerie once again! Hee... smooch, Sara

  3. Thank you, hun! Another good buy in the suburbs... looks like I'm on a "pastel and purples" jag!! :D