Monday, July 8, 2013

The plastic reality

Thanks to Mistress Cassie, my reality is a plastic world now. She is for real, of course. And so is Her feminization expertise.

i once had the pleasure of real Pussy and lived without a hard plastic cock cage. Now, i own a big plastic cock which i suck regularly. You just never know when i might need those skills for the real thing (again).

Then there's the plastic pussy. Mistress will never allow me real Pussy, so plastic it is. If i cum, it's the hard plastic cock cage i get as a reward.

i even own two pairs of plastic panties.

Good grief! i've been pussified and plasticized! By an online Mistress. Sigh..........

Just last night i IM'd Her about my love for Her. That's my reality now. Trapped in a plastic world, but enamored by the One who put me (and keeps me) there.

It has been a month since i last sessioned with Mistress. The urge for another session grows strong now. She can summon me whenever She wishes, of course. She does own me. But i will submit to Her sooner or later regardless.

It's looking like sooner.

sissy maid diane

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