Friday, September 27, 2013

Double the pleasure

 A feminized, trained, & conditioned sissy ultimately has to face her role. At the heart of feminization is the sissy's yearning to be all that is Female. Females attract men. sissies dress like Women, smell like Women, and want to feel like a Woman. A dominant feminizer - like Mistress Cassie, expects her sissies to experience all of what being a Woman is really all about. Her site is aptly called sissy salon. I have been to nail salons & beauty salons. I have been to Macy's make up counter & received a make over.

Yes, i have been 'saloned'. i have also sucked a cock - just one & i did it for Mistress Cassie. The image above is that of a sissy who is giving double the pleasure to two men - at once. In actuality it's double the pleasure for the sissy. she gets to experience feeling like a Woman while offering her mouth & sissy pussy at the same time. her attire, smell, smooth skin and eagerness to please has paid off doubly here. This sissy has been well trained & feminized.

Oh yes, she knows her role now, and it looks like she is taking double pleasure in her feminine state. she should be! All of the hard work has paid off - she has aroused & hardened two men & two cocks. i'm sure she got two payoffs for her efforts, two loads of male cum.

What a lucky sissy, I hope she remembered to thank the Mistress that made it all possible...........

sissy maid diane

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