Sunday, December 18, 2011

High technology and the future of chastity

Here's something that i  stumbled onto this afternoon. It's a little too scary for me to look at too closely (yet). i think it's remote control capability is not yet computer linked.

For those interested in remote control cock cages, check out this link:

As of today, i don't think that Mistress can take control of my cock cage remotely from anywhere in the world. What's obvious though is that technology will get there eventually, if it's not already. The possibilities seem endless. Removal detection, and timelines. A little shock therapy maybe.....

Oh, my!

sissy maid diane


  1. I am no expert on technology but surely there are remote controlled locks that can be connected to via the internet. Even if it's not your belt itself I bet there's a safe out there that can be used to store the key and unlocked from a ways away.

    And given the tracking devices used by house arrest prisoners there must be technology to do much of this just hasn't made its way to the open market (lucky for sissies I suppose!)

    Mistress Aimee

  2. Hello Mistress Aimee,

    i'm sure that You are correct on all accounts about what is available, technology wise, in the Femdom world.

    The reality is that Someone out there is developing that very technology even further. It sends a message that the Femdon world appears to be a 'growth market.'

    So, in our supply and demand society as the demand for increasingly sophisticated tools for Dominants grows, so will the R & D grow to meet the demand.

    Software and hardware developers will ultimately be the winners here. The losers will, well, submit.

    So, my own research is, to date, limited to stumbling on this eye opener. i am stunned by my sudden realization that i may well be subject to more real time femming with tools that are likely already well into the development stage.

    i fear what technology and Mistress may eventually have in store for me. :o)

    sissy maid diane

  3. Hello Mistress Cassie,

    As frightening as that sounds, it is my intention for You to have fun - to enjoy Your sissy.

    sissy maid diane