Thursday, December 11, 2014

A pretty sissy presentation, but something's missing

Everything seems to be in order here with this sissy gurl. Lots of pretty lingerie, nicely groomed, high heels. Yes, it's all very proper. What's missing?

Well, it's certainly not freedom. As these sissy gurls show, dressing along with proper grooming can be, and is, very titillating.

It really doesn't even matter if the sissy is well endowed. Put on some lingerie, make up, shave and it's off to the races. Eventually orgasms frequently ensues.

It's all very nice - and appealing! But something's missing! In my opinion, this all amounts to sissified self gratification. Lot's of fun, yes. But where's the Mistress during all of this? And, just as importantly, where is the CONTROL?

Exhibiting ones self in dress is very nice. Doing it on your own demonstrates freedom. Congrats to all sissies who have such freedom of self expression!

For sissies like me it's different. While i enjoyed personal freedom in cross dressing for many years, that has changed. i fell into a feminization trap set by Mistress Cassie. An inescapable trap. my submission nature is such that for many years my fantasizing revolved around Female Domination of one sort or another. Once i met Mistress Cassie online, that string of fantasies slowly became reality.

Mistress Cassie gained some Control over me with Her website some years ago, and it all escalated from there. Especially once i started to IM Her and then phone sessioned with Her. She took, and maintains - CONTROL.

For me, CONTROL equates to cock caging. Mistress took control several years ago by caging me after O/our first phone session. Again - in my opionion - that's what's missing in the above photo's
The cage! THE POWERFUL SYMBOL OF CONTROL! For me it's inescapable.

These pics of sissies properly dressed and groomed are more appropriate and show no sign of self gratification. These sissies are satisfying the urge to comply, to satisfy, to submit to Another.

Yes, in the previous images the all important symbol of Control was missing. Once a Mistress gains Control, all kinds of new levels of feminization and submission can be achieved.

A natural progression might be the strapon next, but ultimately it's up to the Mistress to determine what comes next. Perhaps a blow job whilw under Control,,,,,

Maybe more is called for.....

Yes, once the Mistress takes Control the sky's the limit. It's up to the whim and desire of Mistress. i can't and won't speak for other sissies. But, in my case, Mistress Cassie has Control of me. And that Control started with the cage.

i am currently in denial and in an extended period of resistance to Her Control. my sense is that this period is winding down now. my resistance is weakening, and my need for Mistress is growing. Just like my need for Her Control - and the cage. The everlasting symbol of Mistress Cassie's Control over sissy maid diane..........

sissy maid diane

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  1. Luv seeing you caged in Mistress Cassie's panties
    sara e