Thursday, December 4, 2014

Time for another sissy maid diane blow job?

Yes, that's me, sucking cock for Mistress Cassie. No Photoshop and no borrowing from other sites. i gave a blow job and swallowed. It was about 5 years ago, and was my one and only BJ.

In the calendar year of 2013, i have only sessioned with Mistress Cassie a handful of times - nothing since May. The problem with trying to resist Her is that it all mounts up with time. Even though i now pay a masturbation fee in lieu of caging, i long for the cage. Now more than ever. i'm about ready to beg for it - and keep paying the fee.

i always have, and still do, consider myself heterosexual. i simply adore Women. Yet, i did suck that one cock for Mistress. When i gave that blow job, it wax diane doing her business as a girl. Alas, i find myself wanting to sucka another cock for Mistress Cassie.

Trying to avoid Her strong hold on me is ridiculous. It's inevitable that i will return to feminizing under Her tutelage. It is my destiny.

The longer i wait, the more i long for the cage and cock.

sissy maid diane

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