Monday, March 23, 2015

Nurturing the sissy

Spanking, caging, cuckolding and generally using sometimes harsh methods are any Mistress' right when dealing with Her sissy. The sissy comes to realize that Mistress knows best, and relies on Her judgment in all things. A Mistress can be quite fond of Her sissy, but the sissy always gives Mistress total, unconditional love.

Whether it be as a reward, or perhaps another method to deepen the sissy's dependence on Her - nurturing plays an importa
nt role in a sissy's development.

Here the Mistress has Her sissy properly shaved and dressed, and is rewarding sissy with a little freedom and the cherished Breast nurturing. She may well have something new in store for sissy but no matter. The sissy relishes such moments. Moving forward after such a session, the sissy will be all the more receptive to whatever pleases Mistress. Mistress know this, of course.

sissy maid diane

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