Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A sissy maid's many duties

A properly trained sissy maid has many household duties. Attending to Mistress and Her house is what it's all about for the maid.

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Whether it's laundry, cooking, or cleaning, the maid is always busy pleasing Mistress. Many chores are completed unsupervised, but the maid is occasionally blessed by being allowed to give personal attention to Mistress.

If the maid is lucky, Mistress will reward her by providing attention to the maid, frequently with a strap on.

The maid is truly blessed when Mistress entertains. This gives a sissy maid the opportunity to make her Mistress look good. In such situations the maid must make the guests feel comfortable and take care of all of their needs. It is what she has been taarined for.

Yes, a sissy maid has many duties............

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