Saturday, July 28, 2012

Back in the pink

Well, i'm back. i couldn't take it any more. Here's the e-mail i sent Mistress on Wednesday:

Hello Mistress,

i am sorry for the delay i getting this done for You. i see that Your computer is back in order. :o)

i have returned to blogging and You will see a return to normal for diane soon. A return to Mistress Cassie.

On the sissy confessional side, i have not shaved since March. i know now being a smooth shaved sissy is the first step towards my return to the fold. i also know very well to be careful what i wish for.

Nevertheless, i feel the need for a little Mistress Cassie 'urging'. Perhaps a little note on my blog or Yours about shaving and shooting. As i'm sure You know, the pussification domino's would quickly fall in place.

sissy diane

Her reply was quick to come & She posted on both Her blog & mine.

It was time for my well overdue bubble bath & shave:

it was time for pink nail polish:

And pink lipstick:

And oh my goodness - why do i ever deny myself the absolute pleasure of nylons on freshly shaved legs??!!
It so gurl - it's heavenly!

Naturally since pink is today's theme, i'm wearing sheer pink panties, half slip, cami & heels.

Close by my sissy toys:

The cage that Mistress put me in so long ago during that first session with Her. That cage that i've since spent so many hours in. That big dildo that i've spent so many hours sucking. And my newest toy, the plastic pussy.

i've been inside it of course, but no orgasm as yet. i'll save that for Mistress. Mistress left a comment when i first posted about this wonderful slice of plastic:

Here's part of what She had to say:

you are the pussy now diane. you are pussified. a plastic toy will remind you that. This plastic pussy is the closest thing to a real pussy you will get now. you are My girly girl sissy slut.

Well said Mistress!

i dream today of having a pussy:

Yes, my sissy toys are sweet playthings for me. For Mistress they are sissy training devices. i'm sure She'll know what to do with this new device, especially since She now knows how attached i've become to my pussy.

There's something else Mistress Cassie knows. She knows that even after delays like this most recent one, that i will always come back to Her.

Yes, i'm back where i belong. Shaved, dressed, feminized. Property of Mistress Cassie.

Let the pussification domino's fall............

sissy maid diane


  1. hello sweetie...

    it is good to see You blog again. Well Diane You beat me out flat...i had not grommed in 2 months before i called Mistress yesterday.
    Its all back to normal now..yes You are right...we cant deny ourselves the pleasure of dolling up. Of course, Mistress is here to make sure Her girls do not stray too long.

    julia xx

  2. I just love to follow your blog, and watch how you develop in a feminine sissy, you are always a beautiful creature, love Buck

  3. diane- Ahh, lovely!! Thank you for taking us through your progression, or "reintroduction"(?) yesterday, hunni! Love all the pink! Mistress Cassie will take GOOD care of you!
    I have my fleshlight, maybe I'll need to get it and stick my clitty-stick in in, having seen yours! )
    My wife had me JO in my new girly panties this morn in bed, after I pleased her. heavenly! :)
    Hug, Sara

  4. Hello Julia,

    Thanks - it's so nice to hear from you. Yes, Mistress does keep Her gurls in line.

    When are you going to blog again sweetie?


  5. Hi Buck,

    Thank you! i like being called a beautiful creature. :o)


  6. Hi sara,

    Reintroduction is a good term. i never really went anywhere, but i was away from really femming up for too long.

    It sounds like your day got off to a great start. Sweet!


  7. i HAVE blogged today Diane...funny how we did NOT blog for so long at the same time.

    Well i could not resist hearing Mistress whispering in my hears the words that make me moan so, that remind me/us that i/we will always go back to Her as She owns our minfs.

    And as You will see in my last post, Mistress has stepped my training up. Never thought She would make me go there. i had been warned "be careful what you wish for". OMG She so much in control, i/we cannot but abide and be good girls!

    Hugs julia xx

  8. Hi julia,

    i saw you post - wonderful!

    As you now know, Mistress Cassie will take you many places you never thought you'd go.

    Enjoy the trip!