Monday, July 16, 2012

Panty hypnosis

No news break here - i love panties! And - i'm still 100% panty trained. i don't even own any boy underpants - yuck!!

i was working (browsing the net) on a panty caption today and came across this panty hypnosis video. Mistress Cassie is a sissy hypnosis Expert. i am a poster sissy for how effective hypnosis can be. So, given my experience of being hypnotized by Mistress,  i was naturally drawn to this & listened for several minutes. i like the way they slip in 'sissy' once in a while.  :o)

sissy maid diane


  1. Dear diane- Nothing like panty training!

    I'm so happy you're back, I could hug n smooch ya! :)

    Bought myself a week's worth of panties, plus a couple plastic pants online today... such fun!!
    Hug, Sara

  2. diane-

    Where are ya, hunni! :)

    Looking forward to my plastic pants delivery... soon, soon!
    Panties of course have been ON...and they are lovely.
    Went to goodwill and got a great jeans short skirt (had purged my old one, and all girls NEED one of these!) and yoga pants (purple, if you must know)
    And... my 4-pad girdle from Amazon is coming soon. Wonder what Wife will say with all these internet charges (oh yeah, and the Crabtee and Evelyn rosewater... a sweet sissy delight!)

    Having wife borrow my panties this week was a wonderful surprise!

  3. Hi sara,

    i'm here. i'll be back for real this weekend. It's bubble bath, shave & shoot time.

    my goodness - you've been a busy gurl! :o)


  4. diane- great! Love bubble bath time! :) Hee! Well, for me it's rosewater (Crabtree and Evelyn)... delightful, hon!

    Yes, I HAVE been busy! Have played in most, but not all...

    Hugs, Sara