Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dealing with real pussification

So, now reality is really setting in. It's early Thursday a.m., pink panty day. i'm getting ready for bed. i've put the cage on, i'm wearing an H Cup bra with my huge breast forms. i'm wearing my pink 'Property of Mistress Cassie' panties. This will be my nighty night wear.

it's been a week since i've orgasmed. That may not sound like much to some, but it's a lot considering the week i've had. A life time. The cage just makes me hornier. Shaved and painted once again, posting once again. Coming to grips with my pussification by Mistress Cassie - again. Forever is well, forever. Permanent. Inescapable.

i'm more fixed than ever on Mistress. And it'scares me. i haven't had a phone session with Her since January.  But i have made a commitment not to cum until i do session with Mistress. That means that with each passing day i get into more of a frenzy, and will ultimately be that much more eager to please Her. i'll be that much more vulnerable to Her power. Her amazing power - Pussy power.

The shaving, the painted nails, the dressing, the post. That's lining the pusssifiactio domino's up. They wills start falling with a flick of Mistress Cassie's finger.

As She's reminded me often, i'm the pussy now. i've been permanently pussified. It's really not that easy dealing with being owned. But it's just a matter of time now. time for Mistress Cassie to pick up where She left off. More sissification waits for me - and more pussification.

sissy maid diane

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