Friday, August 3, 2012

Olympic class nail polish - a sissy's perspective.

When i session with Mistress Cassie i may recommend that She conduct a sissy Olympics. i'd like to compete for a gold medal for Her!

Yes, we're well into the 2012 Summer Olympics. i've always loved the Olympics and Olympians. It's admirable how much work and training goes into being the best in the world. It makes me want to aspire to be the best sissy i can be!

So, there's no question that my perspective since the 2008 Olympics has changed. Let's take swimming for example. It's hard not to admire the beautifully athletic form of Female swimmers. Sublime.

While in years past i admired their trim, finely tuned bodies, something else has caught my attention this year. i'm quite sure that prior to my considerable femming by Mistress that i would not have noticed (besides the swim suits) - NAIL POLISH!

Oh my!

Back in 2008 i had never had a manicure or pedicure. And i had never sessioned with Mistress Cassie. Now, many pedicures and manicures later, i see things differently. i am now a painted sissy and i now appreciate the Femaleness of nail polish - and, of Olympic class nails.

Another example of just how pussified that i've become. What's a sissy to do? i'm sure that Mistress will explain my new perspective on things in the next session. Soon to come.......

sissy maid diane

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