Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's time for a Sissy Make Over!

Well Diane,   
I want to see you all prettied up!

And, I am sure your blog readers want to see you whipped back into shape!   

  • shaved
  • polished
  • made up
  • dressed
  • perfumed

Those are just a few of the requirements!

Mistress Cassie


  1. I agree with mistress. We need to get you back into your girdles and back on track.

    It isn't ironic that the thing that scored the lowest on your popularity survey is actually what you needed to do for your development (if you in fact wish to continue).

    Apparently many of your followers want you to entertain them with fast-food style porno.

    I and a few others love you and support your evolution(s). We love to read YOUR story and see images of YOU. Basically we loved what you were doing before the survey.

    yours in love,harmony, and siss-ter hood

    anon7 at usa dot net

    1. Hello anonymous,

      Your wish is about to come true. I will be femmed up and posting pics today.


  2. Hello Mistress Cassie,

    Yes, it is time for a make over - thank You! Today will be the day, a day dedicated to my return to feminization and to You.