Monday, October 21, 2013

In need of Mistress Cassie - a before picture

i can make excuses for letting myself go in recent months as far as my gurly appearance, but there is no real excuse for being in this hairy, untidy condition. i just took this picture, and the only thing right about it is that i'm caged.

a trained sissy like myself needs to exercise proper grooming. Nylons and all manner of lingerie look and feel so much better when shaved. It's also a simple but important sign of submission to my Mistress, Mistress Cassie. She wants me shaved, and expects it.

Right now i know I need to remedy this problem, and i hope to get input soon from Mistress to get back on track for more feminization.

i still wear panties every day, all day. I still pee sitting down, i still cage after masturbating. But there is much that is missing. Shaved hair for one thing, but most importantly i'm missing Mistress Cassie and Her firm control
i think a remedy is on the way. Meanwhile the cage stays on.....

This is a 'before' picture - before my return to active feminization. There will almost certainly be 'after' pictures coming.

Stay tuned.

sissy maid diane


  1. If you live in the northern latitudes it will remain colder for the next five months. You will not have to wear shorts, therefore, there is no reason to not shave your legs. Unless you go to a male gym, your long pants at work will hide your shaved legs, panties, and stockings and garters. So, shave and dress properly.

    1. You are correct, of course. But I still need my Mistress.

  2. I think at least temporarily the remedy could include a keyholder. Either you mail the key to Mistress and She mails it back once a week, once a month, whatever, or maybe She designates a local woman or man to limit your access. Maybe you'd even have to do something for them for your release - or to TRY to get release. If Mistress limits your playtime, you might have incentive to stay smoother

    Too bad, you'll miss it - that actually looks nice.

    1. i have considered a Keyholder - frequently, and the only logical candidate is Mistress. In fact She has a key to my best lock already. The problem is that the cage gets very uncomfortable after a couple of days & She is in Canada. That would mean real, long term caging. I know it's lame, but I just can't tolerate it after a couple of days. I am, after all, a sissy. :o)

    2. Ok, Diane. I've never been caged. collared yes... but if no one is local, I can see having to skip it. Maybe it is worse than I think.

    3. Hmmmm - collared, now that I like! :o)

  3. Hi Diane,
    it's been awhile since you posted, I was
    wondering how you are doing
    Miss your posts
    And your comments
    hope you are doing ok