Saturday, April 12, 2014

Battling the 50's and Mistress Cassie's hold

i am a porduct of the 50's, one of the great era's in American history. The clothes and lingerie that Women wore into the 60's was the best ever, in my opinion. While i was growing into puberety in the early sixties, this era was still alive and well. And, that cloting left an indelible impression on me. Girdles, stocking, petticoats - oh, my!

So i bought a (made for a petticoat) polka dot 50's style dress in January. It \just so happens that i have a day as a 50's Woman assignment from Mistress Cassie that is way overdue. Yes, i had the dress and girdle, petticoat, etc. on last night. But, i am battling against the urge to put it on again. Becuase the next time it will be as part of my 24 hours as a 50s housewife. Ptrobably as my 'welcoming hunny home from work attire.

Like all battles with feminization and Mistress Cassie the outcome is preordained. Mistress simply never loses! She's posted here about this and just a whisper from Her now and i'll capitulate. She didn't put a deadline on the assignment, so i'm still holding out. But, i'm running out of time in any event.

The urge grows strong........

sissy maid diane

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  1. Diane hope your looking for balance is very sucessful maybe there is a balance between diane and you good luck on what you choose Ken