Sunday, April 13, 2014

Released from caging, i now pay for masturbation privelidges

Mistress Cassie has long ago conditioned & trained me to masturbate on Her terms. Every time i masturbate i cage for a minmum of 4 hours, much more at times - especially after a phone session with Mistress.

News flash - after 7 years of being trained to wear a cock cage after every time i masturbate, i have been released from the arrangment. The cage is no more. In it's place is a new arrangement with Mistress Cassie. Now i must pay Her every time i masturbate, not just for phone sessions. i have set up an account at Niteflirt & will be held accountable for any future masturbation event.

When the fee is paid to Her, She will know what it's for. And that is exactly what is so wickedly appealing about it to a sissy like me. Heretofor,Mistress didn't know when i masturbated. She knew that i did it in a way that furhetred my feminization, but there was no other accountability beyond the caging and training. Now She gets a payment every time i get a little more feminized in what used to be private.

Any sissy will know how exciting this prospect is, true control of my masturbation habits for sure. Controlled by a Domainat, Beautiful Woman. Any sissy who wants to experience the same level of control, just needs to set up an account at Niteflirt and start paying a masturbation fee to Mistress. The link is at the top right of my blog. In any event. i'll be doing it!

And the femming continues.....

sissy maid diane

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  1. oh diane you are back hope you find the balance your looking for best wishes for you diane ken