Thursday, June 26, 2014

Aria Giovanni - big time Troublemaker

Aria was and is a big time porn Goddess, once the Penthouse Pet of the month in the year 2000. Now there are two things about images and this sissy. Number one - they have a profound affect on my feminization, and number two - the timeline is irrelevant.

i have one set of photo's from the early 80's that still get me going. There'a alot to be said of this 'old' pic of the pair Cynthia & Allen. It goes back to earlier days long before my feminization at the hands of Mistress Cassie began. Picture like this paved the way.

It paved the way for a new generation of Women who just take me to my knees when i view them. Some of these pics of Aria are more than 10 years old, but i'm pretty sure She's still very hot today, in Her 30's. She is voluptuous and no sissy can deal with Her smoking sexuality.

So, here are some of the most influential photo's over the last several years, and especially lately. Aria's amazing photo's compete very nicely with my all time favorite photo of the Great Monica Miller:

Oh, Monica! i can't begin to recall how many times this photo led to shaving my legs, masturbation, the cage and deepened my femming.

But today, and recently it;s been Aria that has been the catalyst. Here are some photo's i've collected over the years. The collective damage to the male me has been very great indeed. With some Women, the lingerie wears them. With Aria, She definitley wears the lingerie, and it accents Her amazing body. She is a natural feminizer.

There is one photo set in particular that is really floating my sissy boat lately, and this photo caused me to send my latest 'pay for masturbation' fee to Mistress Cassie.

Yes, the camera certainly love Aria, as do i. She is another considerable weapon that Mistress uses, encourages me to view, as She draws me even further into Her world. The world of a sissy being transformed.. Teased tormented, trapped & transformed - that's me.

sissy maid diane

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