Monday, June 2, 2014

Obsessed and compulsively drawn to Mistress Cassie's breast

Ah, there's that ugly word again - obsessed. Obsession can be a debilitating thing, and a special acronym has been created to describe it as a condition. OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Yes, i suffer from the disorder, and get treatment for it. i obsesses compulsively about Mistress Cassie & feminization.

With this treatment has come a certain level of new learned behavior. i have made strides in being less obsessive in general these past few months. As is obvious here, i blog much less frequently, and in all honesty spend significantly less time as diane. i have alot of life changing events unfolding these days and i'm trying to figure out where diane fits in - if at all, as everything shakes out. Same goes for Mistress Cassie, and Her role in my life.

Mistress has an uncanny knack of timing in these things, and while i was hiding from Her in February & March She made Herself known with a March 27 post here. i had gone over 2 months without posting or having any contact with Her. She reeled me back in quickly with that post and i now pay Here every time i masturbate as a result.

So here it is several weeks after my last post and i am once again drawn to Her pictures - focusing on Her awaiting breasts with which She seduces diane................

Yes, that sheer bit of black lingerie is thinly covering just what diane needs, nurturing at the breast of Mistress Cassie. How compelling! How difficult it is not to compulsively obsess about those breasts.


So lovely, so seductive - and so possessive. Yes, my obsession with Mistress has laed to me being possessed by Her. She has a grip on me and especially on diane. It's looking like i'll be suckling at Her breast once again.


Yes, OCD is a condition that i suffer from. But diane is suffering too. So, i ordered something for her, for diane & it came today:\

There is a nagging bit of unfinished business for diane - and me. i was given an assignment from Mistress Cassie in January:

I want you to make a post of what you think a day in the life of a real regular woman is like, and then try to live it.
Select any Woman,   such as  a  college girl,     office worker,  house wife,   nurse,     daycare worker! ,  family matriarch,   politician,  ...  any woman,  except Me.  The list is endless.     Have fun diane.

So, this bit of pearl jewelry compliments perfectly the 1950's style of clothing i'll be wearing when i dress up in my polka dot dress for the assignment. i'll be a 1950's housewife for 24 hours.

So now it's all a question of when. Mistress has not set a time limit on this assignment (yet). As we know She can change that quickly enough, with the bat of one of Her lovely eye lashes, or another post..

Otherwise, i'll figure out a suitable day at some point. There's no point in obsessing too long......

More to come....

sissy maid diane


  1. Hi diane glad to hear from you again hope things work out for you hope you do the fifty's style day but its your choice good luck ken

  2. Great to see you back - but do take care of yourself....