Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The games sissies play - part two

The dreaded picture game.

i have a sub folder on my computer titled 'sissy'. It's under the 'my pictures' main folder. In it there are currently 4,039 images. Everything with me tends to be a bit excessive.  ;o)

Some of the photo's are repeats. For example this old favorite addition accounts for 13 of the 4039. my photo's are arranged in rows of 3. So 13 means that in row one, She occupies 4 spots. Confused yet?

Let's say that She is the one who will decide whether i buy that new bra or not. Well, not only is She in my picture folder, i have a printed copy of Her image. So, we'll name Her Mary. Well Jane gets a bonus before the game starts. And there are other (predetermined) bonus pics as well, picked before the game starts. Mistress cassie pics are fixed bonus pics, and there are lots of Mistress Cassie pics in the 4039.

So, let's look at one game i played months ago. The 'send Mistress Cassie the only key to my best cock cage lock' game. If Jane comes up, i mail the key. Sometimes the game takes an embarrassingly long time to play. Remember, the male part of me doesn't want to lose. Three pictures in a row, 4 chances out of about 1,010 that Mary will come up. Pretty good odds for me - right? Well, the pictures are in alphabetical order. i have lots of 'm' pictures. Let's see, Mistress starts with m. Hmmmmmm........

Let's play!

i open the sissy picture folder. i hold the picture of Mary in front of my face. i start the game at 'out'. If Mary or a bonus pic doesn't come up, Mary gets Her bonus. i 'blindly' scroll down and click on the first row of pictures. There will always be a minimum of 2 such scrolls.

So, what happens? i scroll down blindly. i know from great experience and touch, that the 'm are about 30 defined movements of the mouse. First scroll:

Very nice, but not a bonus pic. But it did begin with m. Too close for comfort. Excitingly close. Scroll number 2 - no Mary or no other bonus and the game is over. i win. But here's what comes up:

Uh, oh.

Mistress is automatically a double bonus. i was that close to getting out that close to winning. Now i start over at 0. Next pic:

Even though it's the Lovely Monica, this picture of Her is not a bonus in this game. i proceed to out & scroll again. No harm on this photo either:

One more and i'm out!

Here we go:

Oh, no! Time to go to the post office and mail the key to Canada.

There are many variations on this game's rules. Only a sissy can even begin to grasp it, i think. Or maybe a Mistress. A Mistress understands the psyche of a sissy. She understands it better than the sissy does. That's why Mistress is the real winner.

sissy maid diane


  1. Insightful and interesting post. And true. Although i have never played this particular game, i too have a "sissy" folder, and of course a Mistress folder.
    Here's a game i play called masturbation roulette. I masturbate while viewing a randomized slideshow of my favorites, some are simply pretty Girls, some Mistresses. Some pics, based on my strong submissive reaction to them, are "special" and have a "wanking punishment" associated to them that has to be carried out after cumming, such as a spanking, having to swallow, corner time, etc.
    So i wank away as the pictures change every few seconds, and depending on what pic is on the screen when i cum, i either get to enjoy the orgasm guilt-free, or have to freeze the pic on the screen and immediately carry out the punishment for the pictured Girl.

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  2. Hi tiffani,

    i like your game, and in many ways it's similar to mine. For one thing it's a game with 'consequences'.

    Thanks for sharing! ;o)


  3. Just want to say "hi"... glad you're enjoying your games.. yum!

  4. oh yes, I do enjoy hearing about the sissy picture games. Of course, the Mistress will Always Win.

  5. Hi Sometimes Spanked,

    i like that name. :o)

    Hi back, yes sissy games can be such fun. And risky too.


  6. Hello Mistress Cassie,

    There will be more about sissy games, and of course, Mistress Cassie always winning. :o)

    sissy maid diane