Monday, September 12, 2011

a short break in sissy panty training

i simply love panties - period.

Then there was a weak moment recently. It was only for about 10 hours, but i bought a pair of boy underwear for a work field trip to a local County jail, to observe their practices. i had visions of setting off a metal detector and chickend out. i only owned those awful underpants for about 10 hours, and destroyed them as soon as i got home. Then i excitedly put on a pair of silky pink panties, panties i missed so much.

i immediately went on line and bought a new set of DOTW embroidered panties. The colors match Mistress Cassie's panty training schedule. i'll be modelling them soon. It's the least i can do as rededicate myself to full time training. Metal detectors, Dr's visits, it doesn't matter. i don't want to be out of my panties.Even after a few hours i needed them, my panties, needed them and longed for them.i am a panty gurl for sure. Mistress Cassie's trained panty sissy.

The more love i feel for my panties and the more i embrace my feminization the more i think about cock. This weekend i'll be doing more sissy shoots, sewing and dancing in Mistress Cassie's dress. Feeling pretty, thinking of boys.......

Oh, my!

sissy maid diane


  1. No need to totally throw out those male undies, you can always use the cut-up pieces as rags for cleaning (and I am sure your Mistress has you doing plenty of cleaning).

    Glad you are so eager to stay in your panties, they are the proper place for a sissy to be.

    Mistress Aimee

  2. Hello Mistress Aimee,

    i just love the way You think 9it's a Mistress thing i guess). my only (temporary) pair of boy undies are gone now, but that would have been a fitting use for the remnants. i do clean a lot for Mistress & there's never too many rags.

    Yes, i'm eager and happy to stay pantied - as it should be. :o)

    Thank You for writing.

    sissy maid diane

  3. Hi Weave,

    Yes, isn't that a beauty. i track my blog traffic and there's been some reblogging of some of my pics on 'tumblr' sites. i'm not quite sure what tunblr is, but there are some great photos' there.

    That's where i first saw Hannah. :o)

    Ah, the Internet - a wondrous place!

    Kiss, kiss,