Friday, January 6, 2012

sissy diane will be entertaining  gentleman callers  all during the months of  January and February.
If you want your dick sucked by a trained sissy,     post here, or email   sissy maid diane.  

Lets see,  how many cocks can she suck before the end of  February?

I am going to say  5 realistically,  but  I would love to see a score of at least a dozen.

Mistress Cassie.


  1. Hello Mistress Cassie,

    i apologize for my coduct towards You on Thursday evening. i should know better, and have nbeen trained, by You, to know better.

    i understand that i am getting a lesson in humiliation, and more inmportantly - humility.

    A comment won't get it done, but it's a start.

    More to come....

    sissy maid diane

  2. rock on, sissy rock star!


    I am sure your readers would like to comment here, but are in awe of your current situation.

    I am looking forward to your cock sucking experiences before the end of Feb, and accept your apology.

    Mistress Cassie

  3. Hello Mistress Cassie,

    No one is in more awe of my 'situation' than i am, or of Your remarkable power.

    Thank You for accepting my apology. You will be the first to know what happens on the cock sucking front.

    sissy maid diane

  4. You can suck mine, if I can suck yours!

  5. Hello Anonymous,

    That sounds like fun, but i am giver, and i'd probably be caged anyway. :o)