Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thawing out the cage

Well, after nearly three weeks of being free of the cage i caved in early this morning. i was free to masturbate while my cage was frozen away in a mug full of ice. Free to masturbate!

Alas, only temporarily free. The long term prognosis for real freedom from the cage isn't good. i was having trouble sleeping last night and finally succumbed to that nagging need for caging.

As i thawed the frozen mug as quickly as possible with very hot water, my excitement and longing grew. So did my clitty.

It didn't take long to thaw it out and took much less time to come. The cage went on under my see through pink panties.

 i'm kinda embarrassed to admit that i didn't have any problem sleeping after the cage was back on. Back where it belongs, it seems.

Oh, my....................

sissy maid diane

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