Monday, August 6, 2012

sissy career building day

i'm still in a bit of limbo (unemployed) these days, trying to figure out what comes next career wise. As a result, i'm home more often than not.

i was dressed last and ready for Mistress Cassie. Really ready. i stayed up late, but unfortunately i couldn't get through. Perhaps She was out with Her lover...

So, today i woke up with my pretty green nail polish still, along with my green lingerie and thigh highs. Even my makeup still looks pretty good. Unless Mistress is indisposed all day today, i expect that i will finally session with Mistress at some point today. Hopefully earlier than later.

So i've been somewhat negligent in my sissy training dealing with personal career issues. Today will be a sissy career building day. i won't remove my green nail polish or wash off the make up this morning. i'm still about the house in a bra, thigh highs and a half slip.

This afternoon, i'll freshen up in a new gurly outfit and once again prepare for Mistress.

Here;'s a few more pictures i took late last night in the bedroom, waiting for Mistress. i am getting really, really horny. i was warming up with my plastic pussy.

i suspect that Mistress will have a lot of fun with me when the moment cums.....

sissy maid diane


  1. Oh, diane!!
    I still can JO in panties, so I will... cum to you in your green ones!!
    Love you with your new plastic pussy toy!
    I'll be spurting soon,
    Hug, Sara

  2. Hi sara,

    i'm glad you like it! Hopefully i'll be cumming soon myself. Still waiting for Mistress....