Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A sissy's perspective on endurance in black & white


A photo shoot from 1980 that still has a BIG effect on a 2012 sissy. i thought Cynthia was pretty smoking back then. She never made eye contact, She doesn't have big tits, She isn't necessarily a world class beauty. It doesn't, She has an enduring quality in this sissy's world. She possesses endurance.

It doesn't matter to me that She posed for this shoot 32 years ago. What matters (to me) is the profound effect that She still has on me. What She represents is a glimpse into my long term interest in Femdom. i am now ready to admit what i was totally in denial about it all in 1980.

Back then, (i admit now) i was looking at the cock at least as much as i was looking at Her - if not more! i simply didn't want to admit it to myself. She was getting him very, hard! And what a timelessly beautiful hard on he had! Yes, i thought i was masturbating because of Her - and the fact that Her 'subject' was so aroused about being dressed. Now, i realize his big boner is also a timeless beauty. Now i admit that i love and appreciate the tapered shape of that cock. It seems that the head and top part of the shaft  is slightly smaller than the meat of that considerable cock.

Made for entry into another sissy's moth or sissy pussy.! Talk about endurance........
If Cynthia demanded that i sucked him off, i would (now) eagerly comp\y. Or bend over.....

And once again today, there's the ever present Monica - well for about 3.2 years!. Lately, She has endurance & presence as well.  Like Mistress Cassie, She is a prominent Figure in the 'picture game'. i lost to Monica tonight and the mandatory post was the 'Cynthia' caps, a Monica cap ..

And - two Mistress Cassie caps:

Once again, with Mistress Cassie - there is no winning. Except for Her. She always wins! Oh, my..........

sissy maid diane


  1. Love it sweetie, nice post. I like the real gurls too. Many times the photos aren't real and there is just no way an old fag like me could ever look like them.

  2. Oh sissy... thanks for the retrospective.
    I hope Mistress lets you use your Fleshlight soon :)

  3. of course, I always win.
    That is what I do.

    Mistress Cassie.

    p.s. call Me. we all know you need Me.

  4. Hello Mistress Cassie,

    Yes, You always win. :o)

    i will be calling. The key word is NEED.


  5. Oh Michelle,

    i'm glad you like my post - but you are as beautiful as you feel!

    Kiss, kiss

  6. Hello sara,

    Yes, Mistress may allow me to use the fleshlight soon. That's what scares me! :o)


  7. Hello Drecksau,

    i'm so happy that you liked my post.