Thursday, October 25, 2012

Funnel of love

Yes, i know - it's been entirely too long between posts. i'm still struggling with the trials & tribulations of life. This is an upbeat blog, so i won't get into the details.

There's something else i'm struggling with besides life issues. That of course is my undeniable need for femming. While i have been doing very little dressing of late, i do find myself surfing the net and i'm back to playing the picture game.

The picture above is one of my latest faves. The Woman holding the funnel is Katie, the One i'd like to trade places with is Jacky. i've even found myself looking for yellow funnels and theta gag.

Here's another view of these Two - wonderful!

And this:

Then, there's the tries and true. From posts past, here's Monica and Her friend Sonja.

 Monica still has that certain feminizing effect on me. Her legs are perfect! i have other images of these Two. They really are Bad Girls.

Sonja at the bar, one hand on a cigarette, one hand on a bottle of liquor. And the seductive Monica in the forefront. Yes,. They are a bad influence for sure. That is unless you are a fan of feminization.

So, what else? Oh yes - this one has been of interest to me lately:

It seems that my sissy hygiene has slipped of late. i have on a girdle and stockings right now - i'm feeling so inspired! But i know i'm not experiencing 100% of the silky feel of nylons on freshly shaved legs.

Not yet anyway.

sissy maid diane


  1. I WANT you in your girdle!

  2. Hope you are well, young lady!

    I like Monica too... I'd have to do what she said!

    Oh yes, including drink from her funnel.

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    It's nice to be wanted. :o)


  4. Hi Sara,.

    i'm okay, thanks. i hope you are well. :o)