Saturday, October 27, 2012

Teased, tormented, transformed - facing the past

Here's an unexpected development. Today i spent an inordinate amount of time surfing for a long lost - but well remembered lingerie ad from my adolescence. The Internet is amazing, but i failed to come across that influential image. But i did happen to find something else that was very influential. Years ago.(before Mistress) i crossdressed in private and fantasized then masturbated to porn. Way before the Internet it was magazines. Overall - Club magazine was probably my fav.

From time to time i would purchase a Femdom mag, from an adult book store. i.distinctly remember two magazines in particular & here's a couple of pics from one of them. Teased Tormented & Transformed. What a great name for a magazine. There were a lot of pages that i purchased - digital copies. 

Most were actually in black & white.But these color pics are the two images that i remember the most.The Red Head is Cynthia. A couple of years later, i married a red head. Hmmmm.....  Very influential. i remember frequently masturbating to these images almost 30 years ago. Back then my femming was fantasy. 

Now, it's real - and anything but private.

Next up - a few images from another vintage copy of Teased Tormented & Transformed.

sissy maid diane

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