Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A new sissy assignment

After the St. Patrick's Day dress up, there was a phone session with Mistress. The focal point was about my male reader's who masturbate at my pictures. i received 12 hours in the cage.

Also, Mistress gave me a new sissy assignment. i am to dress like Marilyn Monroe in the famous pose shown above, from a scene in 'The seven year itch'. Marilyn was and still is a Hollywood icon, oozing of sexuality.

It will be difficult to emulate Her on any level. Mistress also pointed out that i display photo's of many beautiful Women. She told me i do it because i want to look like Them. So, i will do my best to imitate the incomparable Marilyn and do so with the intent of getting male reader's to masturbate.

i have until the fall, but i'll have it done well before then. There will (always) be more assignments from Mistress. i do not want to fall behind.

Next up for dressing posts - Mistress Cassie's Birthday.

sissy maid diane

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