Saturday, March 2, 2013

'Feel the gurl' sissy assignments

sissy assignments from Mistress play a crucial role in my femming and have for quite some time. In 20102, admittedly a bad year for me there were few assignments. This year is shaping up as a return to femming. i currently have 3 assignments on my plate (one literally). So, here they are, with time lines.

1) Purchased - in store - panties with a fruit pattern and then post wearing them.

This one Mistress handed out during a phone session last month. While it may appear innocuous ( i own over 400 pairs of panties), this time there's no on line shopping. It has to be hands on at lingerie stores or departments. So far i've been in 4 stores with no luck. My, but i've seen and touch a lot of lovely lingerie though. There's no time limit on this one, but i'm anxious to get my fruited panties and post. i'll stay after it.

2) Dressing up for St. Patrick's Day

This one is all about celebrating in green and posting. One of my favorite bra's is a green polka dot number\, but i'm thinking about the rest of the outfit. i have until March 17.

3) Baking a Birthday cake for Mistress Cassie

This one is special. Mistress Cassie's Birthday is March 25. i am to bake a cake for Her, complete with candy and pictures.

Yes, and the plans for baking the right cake (which will be my first) are being formed now.

Stay tuned!

sissy maid diane


  1. So no luck yet with the fruit panties?
    Btw, hon, any fav lingerie places here in DC area for you... I'm getting tired of VS and Macy's... think I've bought about all their styles!!
    In Takoma Park,fwiw..
    Hugs, Sara

    1. Hi,

      No luck yet at Macy's, VS, Walmart, JC Penney. i'll keep plugging away, and keep you posted, but i can't really offer any good suggestions. Although Target brings in some cute, different things pretty frequently. i'm going there today.

      Happy shopping!


  2. Hi hon.. just checking in to see if you had any suggestions for above.

  3. i don'y usually go to lingerie only stores, other than VS. i may be finding some new places during this assignment.


  4. Thank you, Sweetness!! :)
    I have blue VFs on and a nice padded bra... maybe I should amp up my bra training too! :)

  5. It's the most amazing feeling, having to wear a bra. Yummy.