Sunday, March 17, 2013

sissy 'in the green'

This is the first of 3 picture post sissy assignments from Mistress Cassie. Dressing for St. Patrick's Day. So here i am, in green. Here's a post by Mistress last month that hands out the assignment i'm completing today, and one more:

So, i have two left.

These other two assignments are 1) shopping & finding panties that have a fruit pattern on them. i'm still looking, and there's no time limit. 2) Baking a cake with candy trimmings for Mistress Cassie's Birthday, which is March 25. So, likely next Sunday i'll be dressing, baking & posting.

For today - it's In the Green. i'm wearing my green "Property of Mistress Cassie" panties. i like the cape, it's something different.

Stay tuned - and Happy St. Valentine's Day!

sissy maid diane


  1. Happy StPAtSDay

    Know what the Vikings said about the Irish?

    Best sex we ever had.

  2. Hi diane you always look so sissy and pretty no matter how you dress like all the feminty mistress makes you share with us on your site you are such a sissy and you can never go back now thanks for being dianne ken

    1. Hi Ken. Yes, there's no going back now. Thanks for reading and your comments.


  3. OMG, you are SO CUTE!! I want to push up and kiss you!
    Hugs, Sara