Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mistress Cassie, the Voice, the inescapable sissy trap

Please excuse the video/ audio quality, it does not do Mistress Cassie justice. But i think you'll get the idea. What a beautiful Dominant Woman Mistress is and what a hypnotic Voice!

i might as well put on my Marilyn outfit and call Her now. It's useless to try and block Her out of my mind. A mind that She has long controlled.....

Like a half eaten fly hopelessly caught in a web, i still foolishly try to resist Mistress Cassie. That Voice haunts me though. Beware of listening too often, you too could be permanently trapped.

sissy maid diane


  1. Oh My.... I can see why
    Hug, Sara

    1. Yes, that Voice is intoxicating...............