Tuesday, April 2, 2013

sissy over excited - the 'No-No experience

It's been two weeks and two days since i last sessioned with Mistress Cassie. It just so happens that was my most recent cum i am one excited sissy!!

i really, really want to masturbate. But, i have a Mistress' Birthday shoot to do. i started with shaving and finally got the nerve up to use a device known as the no-no. i've owned it for weeks, but it scares me. While i have (largely) kept my legs, chest and underarms shaved for years, the no-no has a real element of permanence to it. As advertised:

no!no!™ offers a solution to unwanted hair, answering the ever-growing demand for professional, pain-free hair removal that can be performed in the comfort and convenience of the home. no!no! instantly removes hair and stays away for weeks with no pain, no mess and no chemicals.

no!no! uses science, not magic, to get these great results. 

Based on Thermicon™ technology, no!no! uses heat to instantly remove and
crystalize the hair..............

Well, it works. my sissy hair has been crystallized!  my legs now have a sheen to them, and they've never been smoother. After using it, i took a bubblebath and was aroused during all of my bath time. Before putting on stockings i knew i had to cage, as a preventative measure.

i can only imagine how nylon is going to feel today, but i'll know shortly. The cage will help keep me from spontaneous cumming. But my was it difficult to put on!

Much more to come, of course. i still have to dress, and there's baking & cake decoration to do. Now securely locked, i'll need all of the control that the cage offers to get through this assignment.

Oh, my....................

sissy maid diane


  1. Lovely... oh my!
    So the No-no works? Can you get it at CVS, hon?

    1. Hi,

      It works, but it's very time consuming. For a more permanent removal, it's a good way to go. Not cheap and i doubt it's available at CVS. i bought it direct. You might want to try VEET hair removal cream. It's a lot easier and cheaper, with good results. :o)


  2. diane- Thank you sweetie! I've used a bit of Nair before, and have seen VEET there :)
    I wish I could remove far more of my hair, lol! :)
    Thanks for your excellent review, appreciate it!

    1. You're welcome. Veet is better than Nair, in my opinion. If i had to choose what not to shave, it would be the chest. The legs are the important thing, so that they can properly receive the wonder of nylons. :o)