Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The time for Marilyn and a session with Mistress Approaches

i currently have two assignments to complete for Mistress Cassie. There is no time limit on finding panties, in a store, with a fruit design. The search continues.

The other is due by August, but i'll be well ahead of schedule. The assignment to dress like Marilyn Monroe in Her famous white dress will be one topic in the next session with Mistress. i have all i need to dress and shoot. It won't be long now, probably this week. i just need the time to do it right.

Yes, i'm feeling the urge for more training from Mistress.

sissy maid diane


  1. Mmm... can't imagine the excitement building there. Hee hee... you'll look GORGEOUS!!
    (darn, should have kept my eye out for 'fruit panties' for you on my recent traipsing about...)
    Hugs, Sara

  2. Yes, i am very excited.

    That fruit panty assignment is proving to be a challenge. If you happen to come across a pair, please let me know!