Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Another man gets the job done, as a sissy sticks to her different role

A sissy's job is to give pleasure to Women. This can be accomplished as a sissy maid - preparing meals, doing laundry, cleaning house, etc. Or a sissy can be a personal servant, helping Mistress with bathing, dressing, brushing hair, or doing Her nails. Lucky sissies may occasionally assist Mistress with some of Her sexual needs. Examples would be serving as Her cuckold, allowing Her to take pleasure with a a sissy's chin dildo, or submitting to Her strap on.
But a Woman has pressing, coital sexual needs that a sissy can't help with. She needs a man to give Her pussy the much needed, proper attention that only a man can supply. A sissy must celebrate her place & role in the Mistress' life. And, importantly, a sissy must also celebrate when a man gets the job done & Mistress enjoys the bliss of man & Woman orgasms. 
sissy maid diane 

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